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  1. is it possible to select the gender of the clients who call on the phone, my female sims keep getting calls from female clients.
  2. great mod, loving it so far. i added a bunch of tats to piper using slm and after a bit they all disappeared. is it possible to have this work automatically for follower also. cheers
  3. try setying the graphics options to low. it is possible that your video card might have shit itself
  4. I will try to field this one. 1) you will need a mod that puts you followers in jail with you E.g.. Prison Overhaul Patched by Inte. 2) I think that the tables are actually a part of that particular animation from the ZaZ animation pack don't shoot me if I am in error though, just trying to help Cheers
  5. it would be really cool if you had to take NPC's to their destinations. sort of like a Chinese rickshaw. rickshaw.bmp
  6. To start the quest, talk to Marician at the new Solitude docks area. (cut and pasted from the mod description page) you could read the description for more hints, also there is this: have fun with it
  7. well I can't. are you sure that you are not just seeing a Cloudflare snapshot? Nexus uses Cloudflare's Always Online technology allowing you to continue to surf a snapshot of the site.
  8. BINGO Thank you so much for this. The condition for whether the player is outside was placed two lines above where it should be. So, the game end ups understanding that as "If the player is indoors, stop checking" rather than what intended: "If the player is indoors, keep checking but wait until he's outdoors again to start an ambush". I uploaded 4.0.2 that should now fix this. It's literally a Ctrl+X and Ctrl+V one-second fix. This might also explain why Alternate Start conflicts with 4.0.1. The player started indoors in the AS cell -> check happens -> check stopped, the mo
  9. its good to know that I am not the only one, but is closer to 2 hours for me, not very organized
  10. Ok... great. good to see a new Modder take their first steps. I play around with the CK but I'm nothing special, and I don't have a mod out there, you do. I will download this and let you know what I think. I will help you in any way I can. keep on writing Mods.
  11. I don't know honestly. I haven't had the time and energy to further develop this mod recently and will be fairly busy this month as well. Making this mod work for NPCs is not a simple change because it requires me to change how data gets stored. The mod should do those steps for you automatically, but yes that is correct. I suspect that in your case something might be denying the write permissions the mod needs to do its thing. Probably a security program that thinks the mod is a virus. yes, that could be the problem. I have Skyrim installed to the program files directory, stup
  12. Ok, I got this working. So... we have to ** Create ** the directory C:\Users\<user name>\My Documents\My Games\Skyrim\JCUser\ rTats\, then ** rename ** the rTatsSettingsTemplate.json to Settings.json and put it into that new directory. if you don't, then this mod will not work at all. is that correct?
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