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Lidija vs Gabriela



So far preliminary calculations shows that Hotel business is doing great. Although our capacities aren’t fully open, we are fully booked. After we pay the tax, wages and cover planned and unplanned expenses, we’ll still have some money left. Villa also brought a lot of money to Zdenka and Dad Boss and it is still open and fully booked through all September if the government doesn’t close the business due to Covid epidemic.



Lidija turned into very dangerous cat with very sharp claws. She protects what is hers – my Prince.?She isn’t ready to share him with any female. Namely, Gabriela is using her breaks to come to Prince’s office whenever she can because she likes him very much and she wants to be his best friend. (She told that to me and my Ivy). So if he and Ivy are there, she always tries to sit next to him so she can touch his arm or a shoulder or lean her head on him when laughs. She always ask him about his job and she often address him compliments about things he says or does. She is firing from her best weapons: charm, likeable, intelligence and beauty that makes my Prince enjoy very much in her company. Lidija has a feeling that she is trying to push her out in order to take her place. I was present twice on their break time and I saw nothing of Lidija’s accusation. My Ivy either. So, I told her that she is wrong because my Prince can be best friend to both of them, but hers “I hate her soooo much” showed me that she is very jealous at her and that jealousy makes her see things that doesn’t exist. (She doesn’t hate her. Lidija is not such a person. She only used that expression for being angry at her). I think I know why she doesn’t want to share my Prince with her: he is the only male person whom she loves as a brother she never had. He is a whole world to her and she also highly respect him. So, I let her to deal with Gabriela on her way warning her not to involve my Prince in it who has no idea what two of them are doing. So, Lidija decided to confront Gabriela about her “mischief” as she calls it. Gabriela is also very intelligent and she didn’t fall into Lidija’s trap. Avoiding direct war with her, she played on “I-have-no-idea-what-are-you-talking-about” and “grow up girl" cards. So they started to play silent war: who’s gonna be first in everything when they meet with him. My Ivy enjoys in their competition very much; she giggles and sometimes profoundly stir up their “fight”. My Fran? He is a devil. He differently tease my Prince and Lidija about Gabriela that I had to stop him sometimes although he is very funny. Anyway, nobody knows how long this soap opera will last and who will win.



My Prince thrilled my Ivy and me with his suggestion about buying a gifts to our parents and taking them out to a nice restaurant and thank them for doing excellent job as our parents and as grandparents to our children. We agreed. Knowing that they wouldn’t accept it, my Prince told them that we will have important family meeting in Wednesday night in that and that place and that they are obligated to come. We asked Lidija and my Fran to babysit our children. Gabriela heard about that and she also offered her help in babysitting our children. Lidija didn’t even want to hear about it. She said if Gabriela comes, she will leave for the house would be crowded. She said that so my Prince wouldn’t suspect they are in war. Oh my. My Prince and Ivy bought the gifts for our parents since they have flexible working hours. Anyway, when we gathered in agreed place last night, and sat at the table, waiters started to bring their favorite meals and drinks. On my dad’s question: “What is this all about, my son?” my Prince told him that he will tell them after the supper. So, when we finished with meals and dessert, waiters brought big bouquets of flowers to our moms and the presents for each one of our parents. Then, my Prince stood up and said:

- Dear parents, my wives and I are very grateful for everything you did and still doing for us and our children. This supper and the gifts are only small signs of our appreciation, gratefulness and our love for you. Thank you from the deepness of our heart. We love you.

He sat down and my Ivy and I kissed him. Our moms cried being very touched. They showered us with kisses thanking us and saying that it wasn’t necessary for they love us and our children, and that they will always be there for us and them. Before we went home we exchanged a lot of kisses, hugs and “love yous” again. They surely won’t forget that evening.

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