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Third mother



Dad Boss and Zdenka bought very expensive caviar, original Russian Vodka and French Champaign in Friday. They were very thrilled that they will make a supper for us. But my luvs hated even the smell of caviar. So, while I and moms enjoyed in caviar and Champaign, dads enjoyed in caviar and Vodka in the living room, and my luvs enjoyed in cucumbers and tomatoes on the balcony. My luvs and children were soooo cute. Each one of them held a big cucumber in one hand and tomato in another enjoyed biting it and chewing it having full mouths. After that they had watermelon. When we showered them and put them to sleep, they often had to pee and they were so cute when they farted and giggled afterwards. When hearing about my Prince and Ivy eating cucumbers and tomatoes instead of caviar, my Fran commented on family morning coffee:

- Delicatessen like caviar is not for savages like them. Rats, bugs and worms is the food for them.

We all laughed hard, even my Prince and Ivy.



We agreed to go out yesterday, but my Prince changed his mind in last minute and he wanted to stay home with our children. My Ivy immediately wanted to stay too, but he succeeded to talk her to go with me since I wanted to go out. So, we dressed very sexy and Silvano joined us as our bodyguard. We went to few different places wanting only to dance and have a good time. We would have if the guys didn’t constantly flew around us buying us drinks and hitting on us. So, whenever their hitting on us became unbearable, we went to another club. We checked my Prince and our children over webcams second time and we saw them with ….. Gabrila. My Ivy blasted in laughter and said:

- Look at this sweet little brownie … she waste no time.

We went to the last club and after having two cocktails she and I danced. We enjoyed dancing minding our own business. Very soon one cave man who was in the pack of similar shit heads started to make fun of us and calling us names (mostly whores and skinny fuckable cunts). We ignored them. When he tried to grab me for my ass Silvano stepped in the front of him holding his hand on the gun and said: “I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” My Ivy and I finished the dance and she decided to get even with the bully and his gang. She called my Prince and told him all about incident hoping he’ll let her fight. He forbid her to fight. She didn’t like it, but she complied. When he told her that she will have a chance to avenge very soon after Silvano gather all info about bullies, she was happy. When it was done, we returned home. I didn’t even try to convince her to give up from avenging because it is pointless. She is stubborn like my Prince in this area and nothing will make her change her mind.



We arrived home. Children were sleeping and my Prince waited for us on the balcony. Silvano gave him short report and went home. We kissed him and our children and we took a quick shower. We joined him on the balcony. My Ivy sat in his lap, bit his lower lip and said:

- We know Gabriela was here. Did you get some?

My Prince spanked her ass saying:

- You dirty, crazy witch. She’s my friend!

Ivy: Sandra is our friend too and yet, Princess and I “friendly” fucked her.

I blasted in laughter. He was little bit offended. He asked us to stop being foolish and to show some respect toward her. We apologized. Then he told us that she called him and she came to make him company when he told her that we are out. They talked about everything and she also opened her heart to him and shared some personal problems with him that he didn’t want to share with us because he respect privacy and discretion. When we asked him about how our children likes her, he said that they like her very much and that Mikey asked her to be their mother too. She said to him that she would be greatly honored to be their third mother if they wouldn’t have mother at all and that she plans to have her own children some day. Oh my, we couldn’t resist not to tease him about making a baby to her. He didn’t like our teasing at first but he also started to laugh very soon. We ended in very passionate sex. But jokes aside, we are glad for them. Gabriela found a true friend in him and that is something we truly respect.



We gonna have a family lunch today at my parents’ house. After that we will go home and enjoy in the company of Ivan and Lidija, Fran and Stipe. We won’t go out tonight. I think we’ll watch some movies after evening routine and when children goes to sleep.

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There was a girl in school that use to call me caviar because of how my name sounded to her. :sweat_smile: Tell Gabriela to wait for me... I'm kidding. :sweat_smile::heart:;):thumbsup:

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4 hours ago, Jay-Omms said:

There was a girl in school that use to call me caviar because of how my name sounded to her. :sweat_smile: Tell Gabriela to wait for me... I'm kidding. :sweat_smile::heart:;):thumbsup:

Face Mask Sticker by Emoji

> I guess you expected her to consume you, didn't you? :)

> If you would see Gabriela, you'd fall crazily in love with her. Believe me. People sees me as beautiful and attractive and many man look after me when I'm passing, buuuuut, she, she is a devil. Men only could sigh after her and having wild sex with her in their minds. The three of us long to fuck her too. My Prince has the best chance for sex with her since she is straight and she wants him, but he also knows that he will fall in love with her if he does it. :)

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