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Love is in the air



Nick and Adriana visited my luvs on Saturday noon while I was at the work. They came because of my Prince’s birthday. They brought some wine and cold beers. We found the way to celebrate his birthday, organizing a family gathering. He is not against it. On contrary, he likes family gatherings as long he is not in the focus. If that happens, he simply leaves. Anyway, my Fran was naughty and very persistent. He forced me to invite Gabriela to the gathering for he wanted to see my Prince's behaving. She was surprised I invited her, but she said she’d gladly come. I had to warn her to give not a present to my Prince and to congratulate him because he doesn’t like it. I worked till 14.00, and then I went home.



Our house was already half full of the people. Some of them were on our beach swimming, grilling, enjoying in the sun and some of them were in the house enjoying in cold beverages and listening to the music. My heart melted when our children ran joyfully to me with arms wide open and shouting: ”Maammaaa!” I kneeled and embraced them, showering their faces with kisses. Precious wanted to tell me what was happening in my absence, but I was dying to take a shower, and I told her that she will tell me later. I looked for my Prince and Ivy. I found them on the balcony, smooching and prattling. My mom pulled out sea urchin needles from his foot earlier, and he felt better. I kissed them both, and I joined them after taking a quick shower. Then Precious told me about her daddy who was very brave when grandma treated his foot. She was very cute when she said:

- He made me very proud, for he didn’t cry.

My Prince laughed and he showered her with kisses.



Anyway, all our family and friends gathered late afternoon on our beach. Our dads, moms, Fran and Stipe, Ivan and Lidija served beverages and food. I wanted to swim in the sea and I invited my Ivy to join me. She didn’t want to separate from my Prince and our children who were all over him on an easy chair, but she joined me after Prince’s many “Go, honey!” When we joined my Prince later, he was in the company of “guess who?” – Gabriela. They talked in English, and they laughed often. The way she looked at him, touched his hand and smiled was more than friendly. She wanted him. Was it just temporal lust or something long-lasting, we can’t tell now, but the time will show. As I said earlier, he doesn’t recognize when a girl is hitting on him if she is not concrete in words and act (I want you – kiss). Even my Fran spotted it, and he was ready to tease him later, but we asked him not to, for he might be offended. We were right: he was angry at my Ivy and me when we told him about her hitting on him. He defended her “pure and friendly intentions”. However, the party was great, everyone enjoyed and helped to clean afterwards.



Yesterday was extremely hot day, and we were on our beach only till 11.00. My Prince was very restless, for he missed swimming in the sea and practicing martial arts. So, he hooped on one foot and kicked the kicking bag. Most of the day we were inside the house playing with our children. While my luvs and children were napping I was fighting with two fucking LL idiotic trolls. I cried and my luvs hardly calmed me when they woke up. Then we went to our living room, my mom was preparing ice cream for us. My Prince’s phone rang. It was her. Gabriela. You should see the smile on his face. My Ivy and I giggled. It bothered him, so he went to our bedroom to talk to her. They spoke some 20 minutes. When he came out, we asked him why she called. He replied that she was just checking on him. Yeah, sure. We let him cool. He enjoyed playing with Mikey and Precious before we put them to sleep.



My Ivy and I was sure that he is falling in love with Gabriela because of the way he started to behave. We carefully investigated it, asking him various questions about her and watching his reaction. Yes, he was falling in love with her but he, believe me, doesn’t recognize it. He interpreted his feelings as friendly. This thing with Gabriela is exact "rerun" of the situation of him and my Ivy when he fell in love with her. He didn't see it until she opened his eyes. When he fell asleep, my Ivy and I talked about how we will open his eyes without hurting him. It is one thing to have a lust and sex with someone outside our marriage, but it is completely other thing being in love with someone outside our marriage. It is playing with fire. We don’t want him to get burned.

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Don't forget to give Prince his birthday spanks and tell him I said happy birthday. That would be my gift he doesn't want to receive. :sweat_smile::cake::cakeslice::heart:;):thumbsup:

You know food can always be his birthday gift and he gets plenty of it. ;)?

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