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Body guarding dark skin people



My Ivy and I died laughing when Antonio told us what happened on their e.b. meeting yesterday. Among many topics they discussed about, he decided to tease my Prince. He asked him:

- Say, bro, since you have right to pick the jobs, is there any particular job you wouldn’t like to do at all?

Prince: No, I’m fine with all jobs.

Antonio: Are you sure, Prince?

Prince: Yes, I am.

Antonio: What about dark skin people? I received couple applications for body guarding …

Prince (blushing): Ahem ……. I mean ……. I would like to avoid being bodyguard to dark skin ladies.

Antonio: May I know why?

Prince: I have my reasons.

(My Prince completely forgot that Antonio knows everything about us since my Ivy is very close friend with him, like I am with my Fran. Thus Antonio knows his weakness toward dark skin ladies).

Antonio (continuing to tease him): What about dark skin men?

Prince: It is OK. I can do that.

Antonio (pretending to be confused): Now, Prince, I am lost little bit here. Do you mind to explain to us, why can’t you be a bodyguard to dark skin women, but you can be to dark skin men?

Prince (blushing): I would rather keep it for myself.

Antonio: Are you afraid that they may ask you about the size of your dick and that you’ll be ashamed when you realize that you a “dickless” in comparison with them since blacks are known as big dick people?

Everyone blasted in laughter and then he realized that Antonio is just messing with him. After initial blushing he started to laugh too but he stressed out that he doesn’t want to be a bodyguard to dark skin ladies for he wants to avoid potential sex with them.


Knowing him, he wouldn't resist the girl like this one. Me either ?








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