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Ephedrina 09 - A Set of Unreasonable Demands



They leave the slave market. The Riften evening is misty and cold, and the streets are dirty.


Gascayn lays out the rules.


"You're wearing those devices to remind you of the debt you owe me. You weren't cheap you know. Which is fair enough, you're exceedingly lovely. But still, I'm out of pocket for rescuing you."


Ephedrina almost spits in disgust. "You call this a rescue?" Gascayn seems unconcerned.


"Once you've paid back a fraction of the purchase price, I'll take them off. Then there'll be the remaining debt and my right to profit off my purchase - that's you my love."

"How can I pay you anything? I don't have any money...."


"That's up to you sweetheart. Beg, steal, sell your ass... it's not my problem. But I suggest you figure something out unless you enjoy your current predicament."

"Fuck you Gascayn."

He laughs. "Oh yes don't worry milady. That's part of the deal, but only once you've paid your way out of your little lock-up situation."




Almost immediately a guard demands that Ephedrina come along for a search.


Ephedrina is not impressed. "Where in the name of the Daedra do you think I'm hiding contraband? What is wrong with your head?"


The guard just shrugs "just doing my job." Then his face turns stern "you better watch your mouth or you'll get yourself in serious trouble."


Back in the guard room, the guard is fascinated by Ephedrina's devices... or rather the devices Gascayn has put on her.


He pokes and prods at the strap that runs between her labia, trying to get his fingers inside. It's to no avail, though she can help but moan from sexual frustration. It's the same thing with the anal plug... he undoes it and slides it in and out a couple of times.

"Convenient," he laughs to Gascayn. "How much to fuck her?"


"You'll have to ask her. What do you think sweetie? Do you want to sell your ass?"


"Fuck both of you!"


"She's feisty isn't she?"


Gascayn laughs. "That's how I like them."


"Still, you better discipline her mouth. Before her mouth cause harm that her throat can't mend, if you catch my meaning."




Additional gratuitous images of the humiliating search:


"Oh I see, there's a mechanism to unfasten the plug and slide it out. Very convenient."




"Wow, it's fitted on really tight there. It can't be comfortable for your cunt-lips the way the strap is jammed in there... hang on... I wonder if I can push a finger in from the side...."




"This is really turning you on, isn't it? You're actually getting off on this? Are all Dunmer chicks like this? Because if they are I should see if the rest of the boys want to pool and buy one for the guard room...."




Spiteful and perhaps not thinking completely straight from the overwhelming expectant throbbing in her genitals, Ephedrina swipes a few valuables in the guard room on her way out. It's awkward, with the gloves, but she can fit a few trinkets in her mouth at least.




Ephedrina has always been adaptable. As an attendant to a Dunmer high noble she's learned to persevere and even thrive in the fact of dramatic reversals, cruelty, and worse. This is a shitty situation, no doubt, but she will get through it.




Ephedrina crawls out through the Jarl's hall. A few people notice her, commenting on the shape of her ass or asking Gascayn if she's available (she's not). Otherwise, she's beneath notice, much like the dogs scrapping for bones at the dining table.






"Gascayn. Will she do?"


"She will make the perfect fuck-moll, you can trust me."


"What? Fuck you!"


"Quite the mouth on her, given her circumstances."

"Indeed. But she'll come around. You'll see." Gascayn turns to address Ephedrina. "Ephy... you don't mind if I call you Ephy, do you? You basically have two choices. You work with me, to pay back your debts. You'll be a free woman, one day, and you may learn a number of things to your benefit."


"What's the other option?"


"I remove the chastity belt and put you in a brothel until you've paid back what you owe me. Given the current rates and overhead expenses, I reckon that's at least five thousand dicks you'll have to take... assuming you don't spend any money on things like eating."


"Not much of a choice, is it?"


"That's for you to decide sweetheart."




Ephedrina makes the only choice that makes sense. It requires some level of trust in Gascayn, which is probably foolish.  But what other option is there?


"Would you like to put her through the paces a bit, Brynjolf?"


Brynjolf would. He removes the plug and fucks Ephedrina up the ass. In spite of Gascayn's instructions to "show the gentleman a good time" she's not really doing much except letting herself get manhandled, bent over in various ways, and fucked.


Ephedrina is stimulated to a peak, but still can't get any real relief with the chastity belt preventing access to her clitoris or vagina. It's extremely frustrating.




"You may well do, lass," says Brynjolf afterwards. "If you can maintain your spirit and poise while spreading your legs like that, you could be very useful indeed."


Ephedrina doesn't ask him what he means, she just crawls out of there. Is it possible to exude an aura of condescending disdain at someone who just fucked you in the ass? While crawling on your hands and knees due to the humiliating restraints you're locked into? While the the fluids from your sexual congress still cover your ass, because you're unable to wipe them off effectively?


If so, that's what Ephedrina is doing... but it's probably not having the intended effect.




"Brynjolf's with the Thieves Guild. We're getting in with them," explains Gascayn. "You're probably wondering what a fuck-moll is."


"Oh fuck you Gascayn!"


He laughs. "You keep saying that. Don't worry, you'll get your wish soon enough. But in the meantime, how was Brynjolf for you?"


Frustrating. It's one thing to be forced to have degrading sex, however hot it may be. It's another thing to not be able to climax. She doesn't say anything though.


He reaches down to pat her head. "I have a few things to take care of. Why don't you run along and see what sort of money you can make? You know, towards your debt. You can meet me back here later tonight."




Ephedrina never was much of a thief. She was always too scared of the consequences. Now, having not much of a choice, she grabs every single thing she can and sells it. She even sneaks into a few homes of the wealthy (and the palace) to make off with what she can. As long as the guards don't stop her as she runs (well crawls) to fence her loot, she should be fine.


She also - just out of curiosity - investigates the prostitution options. It turns out that one man, Benjen Blackbriar, controls all the prostitution in town. He'll take a solid cut and expect a minimum payment every so often no matter what. That doesn't sound like a good idea at all to Ephedrina. She already has one overbearing asshole who thinks he owns her to deal with. No need to add another.


She's not a whore... it's not that she has a massive objection to the idea. You have to do what you have to do to survive.... but if she has a choice between whoring and not whoring, Ephedrina will choose against. And this deal seems bad enough that she'll avoid it if she can.




There's another member of the Thieves Guild to service, however. His name is Maul and he's no better than the Brynjolf. It may not be much of a distinction to most people, but to Ephedrina it's not whoring. She's not getting paid.


Maul ejaculates down Ephedrina's throat, forcing her to swallow his load. Once again, she is stimulated but prevented from taking any action to reach a climax. It's so so frustrating. The yearning for release almost overwhelms the spite and humiliation she feels at her situation.




Ephedrina's thieving spree is surprisingly lucrative, and she actually raises enough funds to buy out of the horrendous contraptions Gascayn said represent the first fraction of her debt.


"Well done Ephy. Excellent hustling and with your dignity intact", (he chuckles) "you didn't even whore yourself out."


"Enough talking. Get me out of these things!"


"First, let me explain the situation going forward." He's enjoying letting her linger helpless, but Ephedrina feigns nonchalance rather than let her frustrations show.


"You still owe me a good deal of money. And every day more debt will accumulate, representing my right to profit from my purchase. With me so far?"




"The debt will be represented by a number of deals. Conditions you have to fulfill, as a reminder of your obligation. If you get enough funds, you can buy out of any given deal. If you accumulate additional debt, you can take more deals... and if you really fuck up, it's back to being treated like a slave. Make sure you meet your obligations too, or I'll add additional debt as a reminder. Is that clear?"


"That's demented, Gascayn. You can't be serious."


"Aren't you going to ask me what the deals are?"


She hesitates, but really he's holding the cards. "What are the deals?"


"First, once a day you have to fuck me. Not only that, but when you fuck me you go all in. For the rest of the time, you can hate me, but when we're fucking you crave my cock more than anything. You act like you love me and will do anything for me. Close your eyes and pretend I'm someone else if you have to, but make love to me like you mean it. Got it?"


She nods, a surly grimace on her face. What a pig.


"Second, you have to ask me to spank you every day. To keep you humble, you see." He grins at her obvious distaste.


"Third there's a bit jewellery you'll have to wear for me."


"And fourth, I'll provide you with a few outfits to wear. You can choose to wear them or go naked. Simple enough. Do you accept?"


Apparently he's done, and is waiting for her to reply.


"It's completely unreasonable Gascayn. I thought you were my friend, and you're doing this to me."


He smiles and nods, "that's right. But you still need to answer the question."


"Fine Gascayn. I'll follow your ridiculous rules. Please let me out of these things." She indicates the bondage gloves and the rest of her restraints.


"Wonderful milady! I think you'll grow to love our arrangement." Slowly, almost sensually, he removes the devices.


"Now I won't remind you a second time, but this one's a freebie," he says with a glint in his eye. "Ask me to fuck you. Like you mean it."


Ephedrina sighs and closes her eyes for a moment. Her training in the courts of the nobility means she understands when she has to play along, to pretend to feel things she doesn't really feel, to swallow her pride. This is one such time.


When she opens them again, she looks at Gascayn with puppy eyes and says in a pleading little voice "Gascayn... please won't you fuck me? I really need you to fuck me... please?"


"Very good milady, very good." His erection is immediately obvious. Soon enough, they're both naked, filthy though Ephedrina still is.




The truth is, Ephedrina has been horny for several days now. She's craving the release.


Another truth is that she does find Gascayn physically compelling. She released him from her service because she was too attracted to him, and that attraction is still there. If anything it's magnified. The feeling of his hands on her body - his hands particularly - and all the ways he handles her turns her on even more.


A third truth is that in spite of how she hates it intellectually, Ephedrina finds the whole situation incredibly sexually charged.


... so when Gascayn pins her knees to the floor, spreading her legs wide, and pounds her it feels incredibly good. It's the first time someone's fucking her properly, and she doesn't want it to stop. It is not acting at all when Ephedrina screams and thrashes from climax after climax. Yet he keeps going, and she almost passes out, moaning and whimpering, and forgetting everything about how she got to where she is. Gascayn, apparently, had some pent up sexual tension to release as well because he's driving at her hard.




"That was pretty good, Ephy. Think how much easier it would've been if you'd just let me fuck you like this in the beginning. I could've stayed by your side and protected you."


She sighs. Is he right?


"I'll protect you now," he smiles. She lets herself return the smile, cuddling up to him. He's full of shit, but it's probably a better strategy to butter him up a bit.


The moment passes.


"Now for your jewellery."


Gascayn requires Ephedrina to pierce her nipples (it's excruciating), her clit-hood (even more painful), and her septum (also painful). She tries to hide her tears, but doesn't quite succeed.


The jewellery are simple rings in the nipples (the tugging and chafing is hard to get used to), a little vibrating attachment near the clit (oh he's going to mess with her for sure), and a massive ring through her nose (for real? This is degrading!)


"Let me see you," he says "and smile for me... perfect. You're so pretty like this, you know Ephy?"


She's still high from the post-orgasm endorphins, so when she fakes a smile it feels genuine somehow.




"This is what you want me to wear?"


"Well... you could go naked if you prefer."


"But it's so... you can see my... everything."


He gives her another indulgent smile.


"You have such a sweet little cunny, it'd be a shame to hide it. Fresh air will do it good. Keep it from going sour...." He's really enjoying this. "Besides, think of it this way... imagine you're in the middle of a fight and your opponent catches a glimpse of you tight little snatch. That'll distract him for sure, giving you an opening to strike home. Or they could be blinded by a reflection off your piercing. Either way, it'll provide a combat advantage."


"You're a complete fucking pig, you know that?" The constant stimulation from her new piercings are not enough to blunt her disgust.


"You'll come around to my way of thinking, I'm sure of it. You'll thank me one day."




Since Ephedrina doesn't have an armour license, she can't wear the "whore armour" as Gascayn calls it. Instead he provides her with a set of clothes, altered to suit his sartorial philosophy (that is, providing an unobstructed view of her "sweet little cunny").




Ephedrina contemplates her situation. It's pretty obnoxious, and Gascayn is enjoying messing with her entirely too much. But he did take off the chastity belt, collar, gloves, and the spiky bondage shoes... so maybe she has a real chance after all?




Later that evening, Ephedrina takes a bath. It feels glorious to be clean again.


The presence of her piercings are a constant reminder of the control Gascayn now exerts over her body..




The "slut dress" is still humiliating, but at least Ephedrina is no longer filthy.


She soon discovers that the people of Riften - especially the men - enjoy slapping her tits and ass as she walks by in the "slut dress." It's something they felt entitled to do when she was crawling around naked on her hands an knees. This dress, and walking upright, is insufficient to convince them to stop.





"Gascayn... I've been a bad girl...."


"Oh I know Ephy. Come over here."


He spanks her hard, occasionally carressing her vagina in between the strikes, fucking her gently with his fingers. It's painful, degrading... and hot.






Finally Ephedrina gets to rest (she rented a room at the inn). Exhausted physically, emotionally, mentally, and sexually she falls into a deep and dreamless sleep. Tomorrow is probably going to be trying, to say the least, but that is a problem for tomorrow.






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... this should probably have been broken into two posts.


Not reflected in the post is the fact that Ephedrina did some of her fundraising via alchemy. It's kind of unbalanced, and it's a bit hard to justify being able to do alchemy while wearing bondage gloves.


In general, I think I'll need to find a way to lower the financial benefits from alchemy in future play throughs. It's quite a lot of cash you can generate that way.


What's done is done for this game, so Ephedrina will be making money that way... but future girls may be less lucky in that regard.

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4 hours ago, Leytra said:

Ooh, where did that nosering mod come from?


I kind of love it too :)


It's from here:  


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On 6/23/2021 at 3:04 AM, Anunya said:

In general, I think I'll need to find a way to lower the financial benefits from alchemy in future play throughs. It's quite a lot of cash you can generate that way.


Bit late, but I use Alchemy Requires Bottles for this, which makes it so you require an "Empty Alchemy Bottle" in addition to the ingredients, to make a potion. It significantly slashes the amount of money you can make in the early game from alchemy spam as you need to buy the bottles from an alchemist. A character focusing on alchemy can still make bank later on, but for me it reduces the early-game temptation to just bang out a dozen crap potions for quick money while in town.

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