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We, the Hotel management worked hard to organize Easter holidays in our hotel following Corona virus regulations. Unfortunately, we had to stop with everything. Just as we returned some number of our workers back to the work, we had to fire them again. Corona “woke up” again and our government got panicked closing everything. My Prince was very tensed and burdened. He met with dad Boss and Antonio in private few times and they talked. We have no secrets among each other and he said that he will tell us what they were talking about when time comes. Indeed, few days later, he told us what they talked about. It was the night, we did our evening routine, children were sleeping and we were sitting on the balcony talking and enjoying in instrumental music. I was sitting in his lap. After some time my Prince said to us:

- Witches, listen,  ……. when my suspension from the brethren is over I plan to resign at the Hotel and to start to work for Antonio full time as bodyguard.

My Ivy and I were shocked: WHAAAAAATTTTT?!?!? WHY?!?!?!?!

Prince: ..…. We need money.  Bodyguard jobs brings more money than my current position and the job in the Hotel. I didn’t want to tell you about it before I talk to dad Boss and Antonio.

Me: I thought we are doing financially well ….

Prince: We do, for now, but nobody knows how long it’ll last ….. Corona fucked up everything. Prices went up, everything is more expensive; shops, hotels, restaurants and businesses closing down every day and who knows what will happen with tourism. The government always changing decisions and laws according Corona behaving. Now they say that we’ll have lame summer season. We have two children to feed, clothe, bills to pay, car and house to maintain. Politicians, businessmen and rich people always need bodyguards and I’m already known and wanted in those circles …….. It is my duty to provide for the family and I will do everything in my power that you and our children miss nothing. Speaking of that, asking and taking financial help from our parents is out of question …… Therefore, after speaking with Antonio, I spoke with dad Boss if it is OK with him if I resign. When he heard my arguments, he supported me saying that Hotel is in good hands and I have his blessing to organize my life as I want to. But, he only asked me to stay in the role of Hotel Guardian to make sure that all goes smooth and easy. I promised I would.

Ivy (determinedly): If you resign, I will resign too!

Although he wanted the best for the Hotel and me, my Prince made terrible mistake. He said to her:

- Ivy, honey, you have excellent job as chief of security and you can be Princess’s personal bodyguard. I want you to stay as long all goes fine. If hotel business collapse, you can join me ….

Ivy (angrily and with the tears in her eyes): You will not get rid of me! Wherever you go, I’m going too and whatever you do, I will do too! Period!!!

Then she said to me:

- I’m sorry, Princess, I love you with all my being but I can’t stay in the Hotel without him. When he resigns, I resign too.

She ran down to our beach crying heavily believing that he doesn’t want her near him. I expected such reaction from her. I would be surprised if she would do opposite. My Ivy doesn’t care where he works as long she is with him. Although my whole being wanted him to stay, I couldn’t ruin his plans because he was right and I saw his deep concern about us. He only wanted best for us. You see, we have one internal rule: decisions like these must be unanimous. If I was against it, he will stay in the Hotel. So as my Ivy, but he will be unhappy. I didn’t want him that. I told him that he has my full support. He kissed me and went after her. I knew I should leave them alone to settle it. I also knew that she will win. My Prince is excellent husband and a father of our children, but he isn’t a match to my Ivy and me for three reasons: He loves us too much, he is weak on us and he isn’t and never was a “tricky player”. I went to our bedroom and I was doing something for the Hotel on my laptop. My luvs returned to the house some time later and my Ivy happily smiled. I know her so well that I could read on her face what happened. My Prince capitulated and they had excellent sex on the beach afterwards. When he went to the children’s room to check on our kids, she deep kissed me. I tasted his sweet cum in her mouth and I sucked her lips and tongue wanting all of it. Then she quickly told me what happened. She will work for Antonio too and they will always do the job together. That was all she ever wanted; to be with him 24 hours a day. As I told you before; my Ivy loves me with all her being and she would die for me if she has to, but she is totally crazy about him. He is her drugs, the one that makes her alive and happy and she is extremely addicted to him. (It goes for me too without “extremely”). So, when he returned from children’s room, my Ivy and I seduced him …. Ahem, did I say seduce him? ….. I said it wrong. My Prince doesn’t need to be seduced….. he just need to see us smooching or sucking each other’s tongue and lips, and he gets erection in a split of the second. So, we fucked him good that he slept immediately.



Well, Lidija and my Fran didn’t accept my Prince’s and Ivy’s resignation well. They were very disappointed. Lidija cried and my Fran used every single method to try to change their minds. None helped. The three of us invited dad Boss on the e.b. meeting. We decided that I will take my Prince’s position as ultimate hotel manager and my Fran will take my place. During partial lockdown due to Corona, the three of us will run the Hotel with one difference: I will be invisible; I wouldn’t meet with our business partners and clients and I wouldn’t go on the business meetings. That would be Fran’s job. I will work in the “shadow” and I will have no personal contact with anyone and nobody would be able to meet with me. In his absence, Lidija will take his place as his assistant. After Corona crises, we will expand our e.b. and we’ll keep our positions. My Fran couldn’t hide his joy of being a hotel manager. He smiled all the time.



We had small farewell party for my luvs. Everyone said they’ll miss them. My Ivy glows again because she won staying with him as his constant shadow. That’s all that matters to her. Later on, she had to tease Lidija saying to her:

- Do not worry, my cherry, we will come from time to time. I will taste your lips and slap your butt. Although he isn’t your boss anymore, you have my permission to give him a blowjob whenever we come to the Hotel.

We blasted in loud laughter while Lidija was red in the face and she said many very nasty words to her.








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