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I had no sex



Oh, my, the smell of genuine and new leather that made me horny and ridding on the bike with my Prince was indescribable experience for me. I still prefer driving a car, although being driven on the bike is different. (My Ivy doesn’t have her bike driving license yet, but she will get it in a month). Anyhow, I looooved wrapping my hands around Prince’s firm and muscular body and rubbing my pussy against his butt while driving around. Once, during the night after we did all our obligations, he took me on the ride while my Ivy stayed at home with our children. He placed me in the front of him and I was kind of sitting in his lap. I had only short dress and sandals because the weather was very warm. He wasn’t speeding and when we were cruising through the forest, I unbuttoned his pants and making his fat cock hard, I put it in my ass. I slid easily back and forth. I’m telling you; if you never had a sex on the bike during the ride, you don’t know what you are missing. He had a loooong orgasm and I could feel his hot sperm filling my ass. Very soon I came too. But we didn’t waste his sperm. I lifted my ass up to the air and he ate it, saving a big amount of his load for cum kissing with me. It was FANTASTIC! Well, hearing me sharing my excited experiences, Lidija wanted to have a ride on the bike too and my Prince drove her around. She said that she never felt such a pleasure of driving when she was in the car. Oh, my, my Ivy teased her so hard that poor girl said she hates her with all her guts. (She actually doesn’t but when my Ivy gives her hard time she says a lot of nasty things). You already know my Ivy’s jokes and teasing: how many times did you give him a blowjob, did he fuck you in the ass or in the pussy, how many times she came and so on and so on. When my Fran asked my Prince if he would drive him too, my prince told him: “I would, but after you have been castrated.” We died laughing.


So what else happened that I didn’t mention in my previous diary because of the time and space? A lot. First of all, about the business. Since Corona virus stopped rampaging in our country, but it is still present, we got permission to open the restaurant again. We got unofficial confirmation that we would be fully open for summer season. So, we opened some facilities too and returned some of the workers back to work.


“Our kid” asked my Prince if he would be his best man on his wedding. We were surprised he was getting married. It was so sudden. He told us that he had sex with his Albanian-Gypsy girlfriend and that she got pregnant. Her family expected him to marry her. The good news is that he wants to marry her because he loves her. Anyway, he couldn’t invite us too because they had limited money and the number of invitees. So we collect 400 Euros and gave him as our wedding gift. My poor Prince, Ivy and Fran teased him about gypsy ladies and girls that would come to the wedding and that he wouldn’t resist not to have sex. So we placed the bet. I, Antonio, Stipe and Lidija said that he won’t do it, while my Ivy, Fran, Silvano and Ivan said he will. The bet was: losing side will pay very fancy dinner to the winning side. We trusted him and we knew he wouldn’t lie for he is honest man. So, since there was wedding lunch, he came home early in the evening smelling on alcohol and he was bit of dizzy. We left him alone that day, but, next day we asked him what happened. Knowing his behaving when he did something wrong I knew he did something. If he had sex, he’ll come deeply sad and defeated. Since he wasn’t down I knew he hadn’t sex, but something must happened since he was silent. My Fran and my Ivy started to tease him. While we were all laughing, my Prince said: “I had no sex!”

Ivy (kissing him): Then, tell us, love, what happened?

(Short silence)

Prince: I smooched with her and she gave me a blowjob.

Oh, my, everyone blasted in laughter while my Prince was red in the face like tomato. He said that as the best man he had to do several toasts and that alcohol did its job. So when my Ivy and Fran said we lost, Antonio said we didn’t because we bet that he will have sex, smooching and having a blowjob isn’t sex. We had loud discussion in which nobody won. But, Antonio said that he’ll take us all to a very nice and fancy restaurant tomorrow for a lunch anyway. So, he did. My Ivy didn’t let my Prince alone. She was teasing him asking if he will let her to give him a blowjob under the table. Everyone died laughing on her hilarious comments. Even my Prince who was embarrassed at the begging. Anyway, we had great time. I called “our kid” and I asked him what happened. He told me that there was one very beautiful and tall 25 years old cousin of his bride, who was constantly on him although he told her that he is married and have children. He couldn’t get rid of her and it ended as it ended. I know my Prince tried hard to resist seduction because he is such man and I’m 100% sure that if he didn’t drink alcohol, he would resist to her. Yeap, it is never boring in our family.


This is all for now. I’m gonna be very busy again and I might not see you for a while. Many hugs and kisses.


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