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XMorph: In Depth









In an earlier blog post I mentioned about XMorphs, so figured it is only right to go a little in depth with it.  So the first question some of you folks may ask is


"What in the world is XMorphs?"


Well...lets start with some history.  Before there VX there was R9X developed by Rick9 and Euphie.  I won't get into the details here, as Euphie has a lovely post explaining all of this on Klub Exile (You Should Read It), but lets just say Rick9 and Euphie were an integral piece of what we all know as VX.  The largest and most consequential piece in my opinion being Morphs.  Well..as we all know the key developer for the morphing system was Euphie....and with her being back on the KE dev seat, the lady with the red glasses is at it again.


XMorphs is the next generation of the VX Morphing systems. Bringing a simpler cleaner way to implement as mentioned by RK in the RK Research Center and expanding on the amount of morphs a modder might want to add to their add-ons. Yep...instead of 100 Morphs....we are going 1000 Morphs. Oh and yes there are instructions on how to use them....who would of thought, lol


So the details.  Below you will see in my Cute and Frilly Dress maybe about 20+ Morphs highlighted.  These are XMorphs, you also know them by the little KE Badge on them.  Nice little touch by Euphie.




These morphs work side by side with the standard VX Morphs but will required the update, only found on Klub Exile of course.  In addition the implementation is much more easier than dealing with a crap ton of App Express scripts.  For those who know...yeah you know.  We are adding a database on KE so modders know who is using what morphs to prevent any conflicts. No more asking someon to update some thread, simply check to see what is available and enter what you are using.


Now I know some of you might be asking, "Wait, Klub Exile has developers?"  My only answer to you is simple....you thought we didn't? ;)


XMorphs is the first of game modification exclusively to Klub Exile. We hope to see more come out of the KE development scene.  You can find XMorphs and over 1500 of other old and new content on Klub Exile. 



Come see what all the hype is about





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