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… is our family breaking apart?




We couldn’t believe our ears what we have heard last Friday from dad Boss and Zdenka during our family morning coffee!

Dad Boss: my precious family ………. I received a phone call from one of my business partners and friends from Monte Carlo, yesterday ……. You know that we sent notice and our wedding pictures to all friends of ours. Well, this friend of mine invited Zdenka and me to live in Monte Carlo. He and his friends will help us to buy a house near the sea …. We saw it on the pics he sent and we like it …….. Ahem …….. Zdenka and I talked a lot and we decided to move to France as soon as we set all documentation and papers in both places, here and there …….

Zdenka: Livio and Nada, our dear children ……. We love you with all our hearts and we surely will miss you, but we believe we should do this …… Ahem …… Livio and Nada, I will transfer all my business in villa on you …… You can keep all the profit and don’t worry ……… you don’t have to work at all for everything is settled with the contractors …… (watching our children she started to sob) ……I will miss Mikey and Precious a lot…..

She couldn’t finish her sentence because my mom and dad verbally attacked them saying that they behaving irrational and immature, we started to beg them to stay, and Antonio was telling them that it is insane. Only Lidija, Ivan and my Fran didn’t participate in this chaos. Our family coffee union turned into very loud verbal fight. But they didn’t change their minds. They said they will call us every day and stay in touch with us. It didn’t comfort us. The heat in the air was so hot that we forgot on our children who started to cry hearing all that angry noise. Lidija and my Fran took them to their room. Since Mikey is very attached to his father, my Prince had to go there to calm him. When he did it, he returned to us. My dad was angry as hell. He left our house swearing very loudly. My Prince went after him to calm him. He was very sad too and he also tried to make them change their mind, but when he saw that it was pointless since they determined to leave Croatia for good, he was sitting being silent and with the tears in his eyes he helplessly looked at us and them. He also had to appease my Ivy few times for she started to be very aggressive toward her mother, Zdenka. Damn it!!! I started to think: is our family breaking apart. At the end, we, females, all cried. It was very dramatic morning. I was also late to the work. None of us was concentrated on the work enough. The three of us cried few time imagining our lives without Zdenka and dad Boss. When we came home after the work, our parents prepared very nice lunch. We weren’t hungry especially after thinking that it was farewell lunch. But they smiled and insisted to sit at the table. When we did, dad Boss took Mikey in his lap and after kissing his head he started:

- Children, I believe I have very good news for you ….. Ahem ……. After you left we stayed at your home trying to comfort Nada and talk to Livio about ours and yours future …… When we finished I took Mikey in my lap and I started to explain to him that his grandma and grandpa are leaving soon but we love him and his sister very much ….. He didn’t say a word all the time. At the end he looked at me with his big black eyes and said:

- Nono tu! Ja olim nonu I nona! Vi, tu!!! (Translation: Grandpa stay! I love grandpa and grandma! You, stay!)

Dad Boss: Than he hugged me and kissed me on the cheek. In that moment I simply realized: we must stay because nothing can replace your love for us, especially our grandchildren’s love and our love for you. I looked at Zdenka who confirmed: we should stay. With the eyes full of tears she took Mikey into her arms and kissing him she told him: “Of course we’ll stay, my love. Of course!” So, my beloved, we will stay because family is all that matters.

We were sooooo happy that we jumped on them and showered them with kisses and hugs. My Ivy apologized to her mom for harsh words. We had wonderful fellowship during the lunch and unlike that morning, this time laughter echoed in our house.


Here is one another good and happy news (at least for us). My Fran and his boyfriend, (I will call him Stipe) will go to Germany this Friday to get married since it is legal in that country. They know we can’t go although my Prince said I should go because I love my Fran as my own brother and he loves me the same. My Fran begged me to go with them. I thought about it but after very deep thinking I decided to stay for two reasons; first, I was two weeks separated from my luvs when they were in self-isolation. Although I saw them every day I still suffered being separated from them. I can’t and I don’t want to be without them even for one fucking day! Also, I’m afraid that the borders might close since Corona virus rampaging through the Europe again. If I will stuck in Germany I will die without my Prince and Ivy, Mikey and Precious. Anyway, we support them. Our family will expand with one more member: Stipe.



Well, that is all for now my dear friends. See you soon again.


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