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Important to us




The day I was able to come to LL was early in the morning. Precious couldn’t sleep, she was cranky and she needed attention. Since my luvs had very busy day ahead of them and I love to be with her, I took her into my arms and calmed her talking gently to her and kissing her face. She slept in my arms. During my time with her I logged in LL, answered on my mails and managed to see few blog entries. My god, how much I miss LL! We still have no time to visit it, especially my luvs. They work a lot and when they finish their things after the work they spend the time with our children, with me and our family before we jog, exercise and their martial arts training. Even after those activities we are busy. Our private life and how we organize it is very important to us. We don’t want to neglect our children and each other and we certainly don’t want to put our jobs and obligations before the family thanks to my Prince who also try that we have what-such social life. Whenever we can, we are going out to the places my Ivy or me pick with our children or without them. It depends about how much they need us. No matter how much we love our children, we also need a time for ourselves as love triangle. Oh, yes, I almost forgot to say this: starting from past week, when we are at the work and as soon as our parents watch our children, they take them to their friends’ house who have cats or/and puppies so that Mikey can pet them and play with them. My Prince let him enjoy in playing with pets but he gave strict order to our parents: only puppies, no dogs are allowed and Mikey have to be under constant supervision. We agreed. So far, nothing happened and Mikey likes cats more than puppies. He doesn’t like when they lick his face. Our parents had to stop him from kissing cats, they are teaching him that cat’s tail isn’t rope for pulling and they always bath him before he meets his daddy who is allergic to animal fur and hair. Anyway, the point of telling you this is that you may know: although my Prince doesn’t like animals, he is not forbidding our children to love them.


It is interesting that among grandparents, Mikey likes to be with my dad who always pranks him when my mom doesn’t watch. Than my dad laughs and kisses him saying how much he loves him. He always makes jokes and he is goofing. Mikey likes it and he laughs too. My dad calls him *Cigo (*Gipsy) because he is dark skin like me. Once he told him that he wants him to be like him, a true man, and not like his father who is good in heart but soft like a sponge. I reacted immediately and we started to quarrel. He doesn’t understand that his saying is destroying Mikey’s image about his father although he is still a toddler. Mikey loves his daddy the most among all of us. Nobody can comfort him and make him feeling safe, loved and protected as my Prince can. It is true because whenever he is afraid or needs love and comfort, someone to play with and similar, he always calls his dad only or comes to him. As for my dad, he is known as stubborn and hard man and I had to tell him that if he says such things again, I will report it to my mom. (She has some degree of authority over him and he is “afraid” of her in those areas). So far I haven’t heard him discrediting my Prince.


My Prince and Antonio had very important talk. Since Antonio is his supervisor, my Prince wanted to know how far Antonio’s jurisdiction goes when it comes to our family so that he won’t make the same mistake like in the case of Lidija and Ivan. Antonio told him that he admires him and respect him as a family protector, but if he sees or estimate that Prince can jeopardize his life and family integrity, getting killed or ending in the jail (Antonio is very powerful but he is not almighty), he will forbid him to avenge or be involved in “hunting”. Antonio is a family now too and he wants to protect us from losing our husband and our children’s father. My Ivy and I agreed. None of us wants to see our Prince behind the bars or in the coffin.


Me? Well, when I look back to last several months, I was going from mistake to mistake. And those mistakes were almost fatal for our marriage existence. I don’t know why I behaved the way. Thank heavens for my luvs’ maturity and love. By confronting me, my Ivy helped me to see that my old personality, which was possessiveness, egoism and narcissism among many others, took control over me. How it happened, I honestly have no idea, but I started to work on its elimination and I’m doing pretty well. Beside everyday sex, I also enjoy a lot in our once-a-week incestuous sex game that provides me countless orgasms. So, my Ivy has wild and rough sex with my Prince and I have my incestuous game with him. Prince? He doesn’t complain. He likes it both. LOL.


Two more blitz news and I will finish this diary. Dad Boss moved to Zdenka’s house and he announced renting his house in several newspapers. He was lucky and he rent it to one Italian middle age couple for very good money. He and Zdenka working a lot in preparing the villa against Corona so that they can rent it during the winter. Second news is that Ivan feels well and he suffers no consequences except occasional headaches. When our parents weren’t near, my Ivy teased Lidija saying that she feels sorry for her for Ivan can’t lick her pussy yet. She said that she should ask my Prince who is excellent pussy licker if he will do it as her best man. She only need to sit on his face. Lidija was very red in the face and she yelled at her calling her names while we all died laughing. Ivan too. That’s all for now. See you again. 


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