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Before Corona - Part Two



Flying toward Madrid I was enormously happy. I constantly kissed my Prince and Ivy until we entered into very strong turbulence area. My Ivy loved it, my Prince vomited and I was scared. The plane jumped all the time and I can tell you it is not a nice feeling at all. I grabbed my Prince under arm to feel safe. Both of us were glad when it was over. Mom Boss said that Mikey loved it too. It is interesting that he calls Ivy mama as well. He feels no difference in our love for him. Both of us are his mama.  We were very surprised seeing Silvano, my bodyguard at the airport who welcomed us and drove us to the hotel. My Prince and Antonio arranged his arrival to Madrid two days earlier to prepare our accommodation. He will be our and mom Boss’s bodyguard when we are in walk or shopping with Mikey. Silvno was promoted and received in brethren thanks to my Prince who recommended his promotion.


Arriving at the hotel I asked mom Boss to take care for Mikey for I was very horny and wanted to fuck my luvs. We took a quick shower and had long wonderful sex. After that my Prince started to call the people he had to meet next day and my Ivy and I took Mikey and went to walk. Silvano was with us while mom Boss stayed in the hotel taking the rest. I will make a long story short. My Ivy and I followed my Prince everywhere being very proud that he is our husband while mom Boss took care for Mikey. Silvano was with them all the time. He knows the drill so we were relaxed. Besides translating for my Prince I was daily in contact with our Hotel management, concretely with my Fran and Vinko who runs the Hotel instead of me during my time in Spain. Our days were much occupied: beside a lot of daily obligations we had early morning and late night jogging, martial arts training, swimming in the sea, talking to our business partners in Spain, mail correspondence and talking to our parents. My Prince established and registered the branch of Antonio’s security agency in Madrid but finding the right people for that job that will be absolutely obedient to the agency wasn’t easy. Therefore Antonio told him to go to the ex drug users and ex prisoners communes and recruit few guys and girls. He was talking about those who abstained from drugs at least 5 years. Since observing and training of that people required a lot of time my Prince couldn’t do everything. Therefore Antonio sent Guy 2 as the trainer. He trained those whom my Prince recommended. We stayed only three weeks in Madrid and we flew to Barcelona. Silvano came with us.



A very cute Catalonian guy welcomed us on the airport. He said that dad Boss, Atonio and Mister “XXX” hired a nice villa for us on the beach on the Mediterranean Sea. Everything was paid in advance: villa, two cars, food and beverages. Arriving at the villa my Ivy and I were very thrilled. It was veeeeery beautiful, private sandy beach with a large house. We couldn’t resist. We just took off our clothes and my Ivy and I, holding hands walked quickly into the sea and we swam and smooched a lot.  We called my Prince to join us but he couldn’t. His phone constantly rang and he wanted to stay with Mikey. Anyhow, it was wonderful. We visited few ex drug users’ and convicts camps and we recruited few more people.  My Prince was very strict because most of them had a potential but were much undisciplined and without respect to their authorities.  Some of them, being pissed off sometimes, lose control and attacked my Prince who overpowered them quickly and easily for they weren’t a match to him.  They weren’t fired, because they desperately wanted the job and my Prince wanted to make a man and women out of them. Some girls tried to seduce him too but had no luck. At the end he put in charge very tall and strong Croatian guy from Dalmatia. The guy is 210 cm tall, sporty body very good in fist fight and he is gay. LOL.  He didn’t like my Prince at all at the beginning and he physically attacked him few times but had no chance. He ended on the ground every time moaning in pain. But he desperately wanted the job and he submitted to my Prince at the end. They became friends and my Prince trusted him.



We decided to return to Croatia after Ivy’s baby due and the health check period of her daughter that she wouldn’t have any inherited and genetic decease. My Prince made me cry happily when he paid the plane ticket to my Fran to come on our 4th wedding anniversary. He organized marvelous evening on 18th of February in the hotel. We, ladies couldn’t stop crying. We showered him with kisses and love yous. I will always remember that night. Next few days I mostly spent with my Fran, my Prince was working and my Ivy stayed with Mikey, mom Boss and Silvano.  He returned to Croatia after 3 days. My Ivy had very strong contractions on 25th of February on our beach. My Prince was working and we asked Silvano to take us to the hospital. Mom Boss stayed home with Mikey and my Prince came to hospital as soon as possible. I was with Ivy in maternity room. I held her hand all the time. She was in the pain but unlike me she wasn’t moaning or screaming. She took only deep breaths. In one moment I said to her: “God damn it, Ivy, make one scream only for me so I wouldn’t feel bad that I couldn’t stand the pain!” She smiled at me and then she screamed from the bottom of her lungs just to make me happy. In that moment she started to deliver a baby. Few minutes later a baby girl, most beautiful baby I ever saw came into the world. I deep kissed her and after she held the baby for few minutes, I held her too. I saw how much she is beautiful and I decided to call her Precious. She carries Ivy’s mom name and my name too. But she will be called Precious.  When nurses took the baby away my Prince arrived. I was helping my Ivy to get up and to meet him. One nurse, seeing us, started to yell that she is not allowed to do that and to return to the bed. My Ivy was very angry at her. She told her to piss off in Italian for nobody will stop her from seeing her husband and that she will kick her ass if she tries to do something. We walked slowly to the waitting room for my Ivy was in pain and when we saw my Prince, he had his eyes full of tears. He gave her the flowers hugged her firmly and deep kissed her saying: “I love you, very much, you crazy witch!” She replied same to him calling him her handsome bastard. I let them enjoy in one another and I went into maternity room to ask nurses to show Precious to my Prince. One of them did it. Seeing his daughter my Prince showered her face with kisses and “love yous” starting to cry happily again.  Anyhow, we hardly separated from Ivy who had to stay in the hospital because of Precious. On our way home we called our parents and told them good news although mom Boss did it when we went to the hospital. Instead of 7 days in the hospital, she stayed two weeks waiting for the results that were coming very slow. When she came out, we all came to the hospital and took them home. My Ivy was in the need for sex and she couldn’t wait 6 weeks period to pass, she orally fucked with me and analy with my Prince. Mikey didn’t accept his sister well. He didn’t react when I held her in my arms, but when my Prince did it he screamed “Neeee! Moj tata. Mooooj”. (No, my daddy, my). He wouldn’t stop yelling and making noise until my Prince took him into his arms. We knew we would have difficult time to making him love his sister instead of being jealous at her. And we did it but after a long time. My Prince was more patient with him than me and my Ivy. Now, Precious captured my heart more that I thought she would. She had Ivy’s beautiful eyes, nose and lips. The rest of the head was of my Prince. She was also very large baby, 58 cm. I couldn’t separate from her. I’m not saying that it was right but I was the one who didn’t let anyone else to take care for her when she cried, needed a bath, new diaper or putting her to sleep. I was there for her just as my Prince was there for Mikey. My Ivy? She wasn’t jealous at me. She thanked me and “love youed” me most of the time when I did it.  My Prince rushed home every day after the work to be with us.  The day when the project was done in both places, Madrid and Barcelona, when business deals were made and sealed, we decided to return home. My Prince called the airport and was told that the border is closed due to Corona virus. Corona virus?!?! What the fuck?!?!?!?



It will continue.


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Yeah I don't like plane rides either :sweat_smile:..... Welcome Precious for me and Nice cliffhanger you left us with. ;) Damn virus! :/

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