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Before Corona - First part



It wasn't easy to edit and adopt my 6 months' diary. I had to divide it into 3 parts so it won't be too long for reading and I hope I didn't miss anything important. So here we go.



How did we ended in Spain? Well, the story begins with arrival of Mister „XXX“ and his wife whom I will call Klara in this diary. When my Prince went to the airport with Dad Boss to pick them up before Xmas, we, ladies were very occupied with food making and other things. I was busy in the Hotel too. I was very happy that my Prince and Ivy will be with me on this Xmass. We had wonderful Xmas, got a lot of gifts (except my Prince) and enjoyed being together. Mikey got  lot of new toys and clothes. Seeing Mister „XXX“ and his wife, Klara being very interested in Ivy's pregnancy and her baby made me very happy. Of course, Mikey was in the focus all the time and he liked it. Dad Boss, Mister „XXX“, my Prince and Antonio were often together having business meetings and discussions. Regardless that, my Prince always found a time for us no matter how tired or occupied he was. Two days before New year eve Mister „XXX“ said that he has surprise for us: we are going to Madrid in Spain to celebrate New year in the hotel that became his business partner recently where our men will have few business meetings too. He and the hotel will cover all expenses. My Ivy and I screamed in joy, but my Prince didn't like the idea. He didn't want Ivy to go because of her pregnancy and he wanted me to stay with her because he has to go for he has business meetings in Madrid. Hearing it, my Ivy and I „attacked“ him as angry birds because we wanted to see Madrid and to be with him. Very soon he withdrew saying: „You two are very crazy witches!“ We showered him with kisses and „love yous“.  So, everyone except my parents and Zdenka went to Madrid. Although mom Boss wasn't invited to come, nobody could stop her from joining us. She said: „My duty as a mother is to be near my son and his son wherever he goes. You can't stop me. I'm coming and it is final.“ We knew that there is no discussion about it for she enormously loves my Prince and our son. My Fran was happy for us and he was a little bit said too for he wanted to see Madrid.



Arriving at the airport guess who was main attraction? My Prince and Ivy,of course. Because they are tall and blond. Males looked at me but only because I was tall. They have millions of Latino girls like me in their country. I was surprised seeing that most Spanish people aren't tall. Average height is 150-155 cm. Anyhow, we loved the hotel and Madrid. Guess what we, ladies did while our men had business meeting? SHOPPING!!! Yes, and we looooooved it. My Ivy and I held hands all the time and we smooched often. We were surprised seeing similar males and females homosexual and lesbian couples doing the same on the street without fear and shame. We were told lately that it is normal in Spain and that unlike Croatia, Spain is more tolerant and liberal country. My Ivy and I were very happy to hear it. My Ivy and I understood Spanish because it is very similar to Italian unlike my Prince who didn't show interest to even try to speak. The only Spanish expression he liked was: „Madre mia!“ which we heard all the time and everywhere. So we translated to him. Anyhow, what kind of business our men had? My Prince was present on the meetings of Mister „XXX“ as the one who has nose for sensing dirty playing and tricks. He also helped Antonio to establish his security office in Madrid. My Prince was appointed to find and recruit right people for the agency. So, men were occupied by business and ladies were occupied by having fun. We had excellent New year celebration. I was with my Prince, Ivy and Mikey and I was happiest woman in the world. We returned to our country on 5th of January this year bringing dozens of gifts that we got and for our family and friends. Mister „XXX“ and his wife, Klara flew to the States from Madrid. She is also very nice and intelligent lady who didn't like seeing my Ivy and me smooching sometimes but she was polite and cultural.



Coming home from the Spain we were very busy making various documents and permission for Spain such as caring gun license, authorization for presenting Antonio's agency, documents for Mikey and so on. Plus we had a many meetings for organizing Easter and other things in the Hotel. My Prince promised Antonio that he will help him in establishing his branch in Madrid and Barcelona. This time Antonio and dad Boss couldn't come along. My Prince knew that he couldn't stop my Ivy and me in joining him so he didn't even try, but mom Boss determined to come along. So they quarreled. My Prince capitulated when she used most powerful woman's weapon: tears and sobbing. I knew the game she was playing but I simply let it go for I knew how much she is crazy about my Prince, her son. So on the 20th of January, we flew to Madrid again.



It will continue.

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