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Dahaka ENB doesnt look right

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i recently startet a new modding round and want to install Dahaka enb. But unfortunately it doesnt look like the screenshots from oppai. The Colors look to bright (brightness is at 0) and the dof isnt working. 
I installed the correct climates of tamriel version with DG and DB Patches and only elfx without something after Dahaka. And made the adjustments in the skyrimprefs.ini and use the last ENB Binaries too. Maybe thats the problem?

And i have a NVidia GTX 1070


I think that i had the same problem with other super-realistic (or...super bright) ENBS like AEON Enb. They work in someway but not as they should.


What could that be?


Here some Screens from testing (yes, the trees and other textures are not ideal, but thats another thing)


Thanks in advance!





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Yes it has, thanks.


I thought something like that, but im not familiar with this and in the description stands nothing about it.


PS: You dont know how i can adjust ingame the enb settings, without draw my weapon and all this? Even when i use tfc, the camera moves up and down, its hard to see changes when your camera makes a journey :smiley:

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1. Dahaka is in fact that blown out, that's how it's supposed to look


2. You failed to specify which of the three presets of the three differing versions you installed, because they look rather different from each other


3. Whether your monitor is 6 or 8 or 10 bit matters.

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Hi 27X


1. I think so, but the water looks to bluish (the sky is more grey) and there is no DOF :classic_undecided:

2. I used the installer, choose insane quality, realistic color, normal night, 20mm DOF, and the 8. Lense Filter. I have searched and didnt find different versions. Its the 3rd Edition if you mean this.

3. Monitor is a LG-22EA53VQ-P with 8bit

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