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Best Female body mod?

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I wonder what is the best female body mod especially specifically a Druuna style body that has pubic hair, underarm hair, breast jiggle physics, long dark hair, etc?


Basically a body like this?


And on the right is what I have so far which currently looks like Selene from Underworld hence I'm attempting a Vampire run although I'm torn between that or what I've suggested though.


Although the problem is though although at first glance the body mod maybe 'perfect' right now but here's my loading list and on the neck there's a barely noticeable crevice area which probably isn't supposed to be there which I've been wondering if I'm supposed to one body mod or am I missing something?


Basically the main goal is basically making the character especially her nude body exactly like Druuna as accurate as possible.



bu_druunax_v2_09.jpg20180212231705_1.jpgLoad Order.PNGMods.PNG


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