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Where is this "skipping" walk/run animation from?

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12 minutes ago, azoth1267 said:

No idea, but judging by the general feel of that gif, im sure someone fluent in moon runes will know what it is and where its from.

Good luck to you, would be interesting to know what find/do with it.

Yeah, that was my first thought as well. Unfortunately using my search terms google translated to Japanese worked about as well as one can imagine. Ideally I'd like one without the hand motions but since that's the only skipping animation I've ever seen for Skyrim I'd settle for it if found.

Regular run animations just aren't very "deer-like".


Funny enough, I've found the armor just by guessing it was a Tera or Vindictus set and searching for HDT dresses but it sadly didn't help me find the video the gif came from.

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