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Full screen doesn't work with new ENB


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Before I post this I spent 2 hours on web searching for solution and reading troubleshooting pages with the same problem. Tried and check all suggested, but no help. This is the first time I have a problem like this. I installed Azura ENB and all required mods and files. Before this one I used Hircine and it worked very good. I just wanted to try a new ENB and I like it because it isn't dark as Hiricne. I rechecked -all the setting 4 times, followed S.T.E.P. and similar instructions. Everything works fine except full screen mod.

I'm using ENB series 308, Wrapped version, just as before and full screen mod worked. Both files under [WINDOW] (Force borderless ...) are set to "true".

"bFull Screen=1" is correctly set in SkyrimPref.ini.

Anyone has any idea what else can I do? Thanks.





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I think something got changed in your skyrim .ini file I remember having something like that before but mine was a bigger black bar.


I would try making a copy of your skyrim .ini file and then delete it and start the game with the skyrim .exe so that it makes you a new skyrim .ini file then you can launch the game however you want and go into game and see if that fixed. I think that is what I did or I reinstalled my ENB.

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5 hours ago, AgentCarolina said:

This just looks like letterbox, or am i confused lol?

you don't even have to disable effects just open the ENB menu in game usually (shift enter) and enbeffects has letterbox mode inside of it.


You were right. It was fucking "Letterbox". In my previous ENB it was disabled by default and that's why I didn't have a problem with full screen. This ENB have it enabled by default and since I'm new to ENB I didn't know where else to look for solution except googling "Skyrim - having problem with full screen or similar question". As I said, everyone pointed on "standard" full screen problems and you are the first one who identified the real cause. Thank you, again.

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