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Simple Question, I think.


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Can you play the old Skyrim and SSE at the same time or are you just asking for trouble?  I don't mean literally at the same time, just on your computer at the same time. I would like to try out the SSE but don't want to mess up the Skyrim I have now. Finally somewhat stable. If you can, are there any precautions you should take?

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Unless you mean exactly the same time you will be perfectly fine. I would suggest something like MO2 which can easily handle both for you on different profiles in one spot. Thats What im doing. Since SE is not working too great with SL mods yet. I keep LE for that and run a SE setup for actually questing

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I run both, as has been stated there are no issues, I use NMM for SE and Mod Organizer for Oldrim.

I would really like to use MO2 for both, but last time I tried it, it was unreliable, sometimes it worked, sometimes not all of the files were in the VFS.

I’m not a fan of NMM, but it works reliably.

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Yes you can but they won't share the save games. I manually copied over my last skyrim save and used it, had a few problems but it's ok for modding - my carry weight and health got a serious upgrade for some reason :smile: i.e. my carry weight is over 1,000,000. 


If you're planning on trying the same then use a cleaned save.

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