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  1. TheTinMen (@thetinmen) β€’ Instagram photos and videos This seems appropriate. "You are men. You are not toxic, problematic or defective. Progressive, compassionate and reliable advocacy for men and boys."
  2. Polish law forces them to properly inform every party involved in the data breach within 48 hours, this was probably the easiest way to do so. And why they included the ransom note? Probably because it's pretty cringe, so everyone can laugh at it.
  3. Cringey youtuber reminisces about the Witcher 3 with rose tinted glasses. There, now you don't need to watch the video.
  4. I stopped visiting this thread because it's just too much negativity.
  5. CDPR is going to release all the "DLC" for free, only the "Expansions" are going to cost money... "expansion" is CDPR speak for "Story DLC"
  6. New Co-Founder video on Twitter Official Roadmap:
  7. People talk about Panam's butt all the time, too me it seems like we don't give V's butt enough credit.
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