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chocolate elf xeo no ears


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Can you tell us which ears you miss?


I only have the "normal" chocolate elf Mod , not the xeo version.

There is a sceenshot in the Mods folder.


But such ears are not in the Mod and in the esp, the chocolate race use darkelf ears ( and there is a replacer esp with wood elf ears )




Check in the ConstructionSet or TES4Edit what ears you need.

Then check your game folders.

In my chocolate elf Mod it is...

The ear meshes: data\meshes\characters\darkelf\earsdarkelf.nif

the ear textures: data\textures\Characters\Chocolate\EarsChocolate.dds


Then you tell us what you need.


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The ears in the chocolate screenshot are no ears:

From the chocolate readme:
2. EARS: These are not real ears either; it's an accessory that uses the amulet slot, which was available with Ren's Stranger race mod. Unfortunately, due to personal reasons, Ren stopped the distribution of this mod from public and forbid any re-uploads. Do NOT ask me to obtain this mod. I will respect her decision.


But I think you want real ears.


XEO / MBP chocolate elf

The tun ears are not in the folders ( chocolate elf  or MBP ) 

They are in a optional folder of MBP Plus Plus 098a Full. Not in a folder " chocolate " and not with name " tun-ears-A.nif "

They for the Lop ear elfs.



There a 3 different tun ear meshes.

Pictures in the folder , and also the textures


The chocolate elf race have two ear textures:  ( I think you have both textures. But I've added the LCears.dds   in the file )

The EarsChocolate.dds  ( for hunam and vanilla elf ears: dark elf, wood elf ) )

And the LCears.dds  ( for the Lop elf race ears )


tun-ears meshes.7z


Option A:

Now you can copy one of the tun-ears-A.nif ( and the egm, egt, tri files ) in your data\meshes\characters\chocolate\   folder

And the LCears.dds and LCears_n.dds in data\textures\characters\chocolate\


If the textures path in the esp is NOT  Characters\Chocolate\LCears.dds  ... ( if it is Characters\Chocolate\EarsChocolate.dds )

1) you can change the path  in the esp to Characters\Chocolate\LCears.dds

2) or you rename the LCears.dds and LCears_n.dds to EarsChocolate.dds and EarsChocolate_n.dds ( or the textures name that is used in your esp )


Option B:

Or if you don't want lop ears you can change the model path in your esp to characters\darkelf\earsdarkelf.nif  or Characters\WoodElf\EarsWoodElf.NIF

Then the textures path in your esp must be Characters\Chocolate\EarsChocolate.dds



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