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Photo Real Cbbe Skin "Gimp wont make my normal maps anyone willing. to let it make it for me and post it back.

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So im making a couple of new textures and sets but im needing a normal map for my body texture and gimp wont run the plugin. I'm needing one plain normal of my Body D and would love a sporty and a more muscled one. i will credit you for the n files when i launch my new skin pack i just cant make them. heres the d miles. sorry no screenies trying to keep this one wrapped up a little til final release. (ps no hands yet cause i hate hands. i'll get to them last unless anyone else wants to pitch in im going to have all forms of this body freckled , tanlines, sweaty, oil,(and some alternate faces to help the system render races to look mor genuin. or now here is the first smallest part the base body and face D different shades and looks of body part.) Also i have a slight neck seem coloration being off just a hair barely noticeable but for a someone like me ehhhhh i dont like it if you can manage to get rid of it (same color as my bo dy in gimp. not sure where to to fix it from there i would appreciate it. normally people 


FemaleBody_d-Jucy Vag-Pink Nipples.dds

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