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Skyrim modding help and possible modpack

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Ive always loved modding, but had problem with keeping my game stable and bug free, so I used to see moddrop as something nice. At least untill the shitstorm started, I wasnt really aware people were uploading shit there and tought It was only a tool for having a nice modded game and after all the problem it caused I actuallu unninstalled my modpack in respect for the authors. But as I reseacdrched into why the drama happened it was mostly because of the reupload and tought: What if someone made a neat load order and merging with the mods still need to be downloaded from its original source (no uploading)? It is possible for someone to export a load order so people can download it and make its game neat without stealing any mods?


Thats when Ive decided to come with this project, a huge "realistic" (in the medieval shit was brutal and lore friendly way) "overhaul/modpack" for skyrim (really a load order to trow at loot so Skyrim runs nice). Can anyone give me tips for that (be it about how to make the load order/ export it, reccomending mods or interest in the project).

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You can export a load but all your going to get is a list of the mods .ESM/.ESP's and nothing more. Most mod authors do not give permission for their mods to be in a modpack not to mention less people go to their actual page and download and rate it.


For skyrim it's best to look at what you are installing. If you install a lot of script heavy mods that can sometime cause problems depending on your computer.

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