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[REQUEST] Armor Breaking Strip Mod Light ?

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I have been searching a lot for a mod that makes Armor Breaking in combat and i have found quite a few...but they dont seem to be complete for me.


-Combat Arousal : Used a long time but there is no weapon or shield breaking part but i liked that i could customize a lot the chance to break


-Loot and Degradation : I turned off everything except the degradation and the breaking part but it mess a little with other mods and even at 7 it doesnt seem to break that often and after the limit i cant customize but it is the mod i use presently and it seems to mess a little with Player Exhibitionist (i really love that mod)


-Naked Dungeons : There is a armor breaking part that i like but it is tied to the immortal function and i dont use that immortal function because i use the mod mark of arkay that i like very much for a death alternative.  What i really like is the options for the breaking and there is three difficulty (clothes,light and heavy)



I just want that the major slots of armor and the weapons and shield be destructable maybe the circlet also like in Loot and Degradation and maybe even more ?


A big customization part for the breaking chance that occur when hit or used.  (chance to break)


Maybe different chance to break if enchanted or light or heavy or clothes like in naked dungeons


Maybe a little features here and there that i dont think of that complement the mod


Heck i would have smashed the three togethers :smile: but keep it light on features



Would it be feasable as a light weight complement to a combat and i have suggested here and there in nexus and loverlabs but doesnt seem to interest people


I could commission it and then the author could release to everyone free to enjoy


Maybe i break a rule by this post or not, i hope not but it seem i need only this to complete my enjoyment of skyrim since CPU made a simple basic needs mod that i like very much


Thank you for your time  (sorry for the grammar, english is not my native tongue)



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I think you've covered all the mods with such a feature. Odd that you felt that things didn't break often enough at level 7 with L&D, since when I played with it that high I felt like something broke every couple fights.


It's not exactly what you're looking for, but Cursed Loot has a "striptease collar" that gives a chance of you unequipping armor in combat (it starts with the small things and works its way up to the body slot) and prevents you from equipping armor in combat.

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1 hour ago, Corsayr said:

Have you tried this one?


Bikini Armor Break


only works with A.W.O.B.A. but it can be set to either break or strip off by % and can be set to 100% if you want. 



*there is information in the posts about how to set up additional armors to work with it

Yeah downloaded it but didnt try it since i dont have the AWOBA in my mod list but when i will i will be sure to use it


Ill go check the posts to read that thanks

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