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Playing skyrim with perv mod.

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Hello everyone i wanted to play skyrim (the story etc), but in a more darker/realist way, i mean with sex mod, feeling the fear of being rape, adding prostituion etc.
At least a more real world, so my question is what kind of mods did you advise for this experience ?

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What body to use has been debated forever. I use CBBE (with bodyslide) as more of the armors I want are available in CBBE and some only come in CBBE versions. My suggestion is start accumulating a armor/clothing library and if you find something that is only in one body look for a conversion somewhere else. When you find armors that are only in one body that you really like then use that body as it isn't that big of a deal to change bodies mid game.

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UUNP is better by far. The argument "CBBE has more options" is irrelevant because any and all armors can be converted easily with Outfit Studio. All you have to do is click some buttons and drag things around. It takes less than 5 minutes once you've learned how to do it (longer if it's an outfit with a billion pieces).


Even if you can't the time to learn how to use Outfit Studio, Most armors with CBBE Bodyslide have UUNP. Some are still exclusive to UUNP as well.


The reason UNNP is better is because it's higher quality. So it doesn't really come down to preference and there's no real debate. It all comes down to using lower quality vs higher quality. I will say though, if you're using petite bodies, the jagged edges on CBBE are less noticeable. You can see them, but not as much as you can with the better breast and butt shapes.


 With Special Edition , I believe it has the better quality CBBE. Skyrim Classic still uses the old one though.

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it is a matter of personal taste for body replacer.


as for UUNP being "better" than CBBE because it is higher quality. while it is true that UUNP is higher quality than standard default CBBE, there are at

least 5 different 4K or greater options for CBBE (but you do have to search to find them).  


as for any and all armors can easily be converted easily with outfit studio....this is true...but it is time consuming....1 mod i saw has 200+ outfits in it at 5 minutes

per piece, and average of 5 pieces per outfit that mod alone would take over 80 hours to convert., and that's after you get good with Outfit Studio.


my suggestion would be to find which bodystyle has the outfits you like the most, then use that bodystyle with the best textures (for CBBE it will be a non default

set probably) that your system will handle.


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Ok well since everyone is talking about bodies ill pass on that and talk about some mods needed. For prostitution you have two main options. Radiant prostitution and tdf both can be found here on LL. For fear of being raped you can look at defeat. Basically you get raped and left for dead after being defeated by enemies, Robbed, or rescued.


For normal sexual interaction with npc's Id look at eager NPC's. Also the prison system is pretty crappy in skyrim so for a more "immersive" way of playing id go for prison overhaul. Basically getting dragged through the city used by the guards etc. If you want to further humiliate you character you can add sexist guards for some extra flair.


Then if you really want to have that fear of getting captured you can add sl kidnapped. Also you can go for skooma whore that makes drugs more immersive in skyrim. If you want to actually see the abuse on your character you can add apropos with slavetats.


That way you can see the damage to your character. Also to add insult to injury you can add being female and have the fear of getting pregnant after such events. There are more but if you still wanna stay immersive then you need to limit choices a tiny bit. Stuff like devious devices, cursed loot etc is also fun but that is not very realistic like you said you want. 


Hope this give you some ideas.

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