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Curious thought!

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This is more of a curiosity than anything else but, I seem to have the worlds worst luck when it comes to modding, maybe I'm just doing it wrong or I'm inept. Which ever one it is, I cant seem to for the life of me get half the stuff I'd like to work. SO as a result I've come to a conclusion, Mods and I shall never co-exist if I have any power in it. Short of someone taking the time to compile and test the mods I'd like for me, I wonder if someone would be able to make a 'mod pack' or something of that sort. I'm not really sure if its possible, or even worth the effort but, hey worth a shot!


Disclaimer, I have attempted multiple times, while following the instructions of each mod, to try and get them to work, I've used LOOT, etc... Its most likely user error, but yeah.

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Will not happen because a person would have to have permission of each and every mod author to allow to have their mods put into a mod pack and most are not going to allow it.


If you are having trouble with some mods working correctly post in the tech support section and people will try to help if they know the reason. Also make sure you are using the correct mods for the version you are using skyrim SE will not work with the real skyrim's sexlab mods.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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