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Request for suggested lists of mods to try.

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I am looking for suggestion on what mods to run and ordered steps for installing them, in order to have a nice, lean, and smooth/functional, or error-free gameplay based on prefered features or functions. 


Here's my "wish list" of desired features:


  • 1. Theft, rape, and bondage chances on defeat.
  • 2. Devious traps ("Devious devices", "Cursed Loot", "Devious Magic" style curses and "mimic" items.)
  • 3. Creature interactions (such as trolls, giants, Falmer, etc.)
  • 4. Forced drugging (Like "Skooma Whore"), including from traps and assaults.
  • 5. Prostitution options.
  • 6. NPC vs NPC assaults and rape.
  • 7. Changing, noticeable and realistic weather. (Being caught naked in the rain, etc.)
  • 8. Better looking characters than vanilla options, but more like realistic or "girl next door" not super models and beach babes.
  • 9. Medium-skimpy vanilla replacement clothes and armors, that remain lore-friendly. (No bikinis, or evening gowns, and not anything overtly "crotchless", but more like Killer Keo's offerings, which are my default "go to").


There's much more I'd like to add to the list after ensuring it all runs smooth and stable, so feel free to continue with lists of suggestions or recommendations, but try to keep them in relatively short "stages".  I'd like to install just a few mods, enough to add a few desired features, then start a game, set MCM settings, save the game, and then add the next few mods after making sure the first "stage" works smoothly. Also try to sort recommendation lists in the order that you'd recommend installing each mod or utility.


My true wish list, in addition to those features found in existing mods, may or may not exist already, but I'll mention them down here just in case anybody may know of such mods, if they happen to exist:


  • 1. Something that requires "X" hours of rest per 24 hour game day, more or less depending on things like running, not resting enough, standing too long, letting stamina run low too often, etc. Ideally, it should be able to force "passing out" or loss of consciousness, regardless of where you are or how dangerous the area may be, if you avoid real sleep for too long.
  • 2. More drugs and poisons that act like (the visual effects and buffs/debuffs of...  )  Skooma Whore drugs.
  • 3. Theft while sleeping: ( A chance that when having a normal night's sleep, you notice some things missing from inventory, or some pervert steals some of your clothing in the night.)
  • 4. Random robbery based on value of what you wear. (May steal visible jewelry, or expensive clothing, or even gold, if you dress like a noble or trader, but intelligent enough to not to try robbing somebody wearing Dragonbone or Daedric).
  • 5. Drugged or poisoned common foods, potions, or drinks.
  • 6. Knock out drugs to work with previous suggestions of poisoned/drugged foods and drinks, as well as similar being added to Skooma Whore and Cursed Loot.
  • 7. Arrows or similar projectiles (possibly even mage spells), with effects similar to Skooma Whore effects, but allow to stack rapidly to incapacitating levels on repeated hits. This should include something like losing consciousness if stamina gets drained to zero.
  • 8. Replacement for all Elf races to look more like "Lord of the Rings" movie characters, and less like Bethesda's "people roughly made out of blocky clay", and elves looking more like aliens.



The reason I came to ask for such suggestions is because I am finding more and more repeated (and potentially conflicting) functions in multiple mods, for example, "Robbery" band "Rape" being in several SexLAb related mods, making some of them unnecessary, if they do not provide any additional features that I'd consider to be important. I'd like to seek suggestions on getting the most of what is desired, with the smallest possible script load.





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I tried answering what you wanted based on the two sets of numbers you gave with the numbers corresponding to your two lists. Hopefully they're a bit organized. 



1. I'd say use Sexlab Defeat and Devious captures together. Both will work for the combat rape, theft, and bondage part of loosing. As far as your passing out request goes, I can't think of anything.  Maybe one of the hunger thirst and sleep mods out there, but I don't know if that's what you're looking for. 


2. Looks like you got the traps down. I wouldn't recommend devious magic too much because armor you've already had can become mimics when you redress or switch out of one armor to another, but if you want it, go ahead. As far as the theft while sleeping, Cursed loot does have that option, but a more advanced version would be Dangerous nights. You're able to tweak a few more settings than in cursed loot. Also look at Deviously Enslaved and Deviously helpless for the theft based on what you wear.


3. I don't know what you mean by creature interactions, but the mods I use for creature stuff is Sexlab werewolves, Horny Creatures of skyrim, and Horny Dragons of skyrim, but again, I don't know what you're looking for there. There's also Sexlab Beastess and Untamed if you're interested. 


4. Again, looks like you got the drug part of it down. I would recommend the add on to skooma whore (Skooma whore, addicted), but, other than that, you already know what to look for. I don't think there's any way to turn their drugs into poisons for arrows, though. Same with poisoned foods. 


5. TDF Prostitution. Technically speaking, cursed loot already has an option for that, but it's not as fleshed out asTDF prostitution. Or at least in my opinion anyways. 


6. Either use the settings of Sexlab Defeat which includes npc on npc rape, or use sent of sex. the second one takes some manual script inputs, though (see it's download page for more info). 


7. Climates of Tamriel and it's patch. Use it's patch unless you want to go deaf during a rainstorm. 


8. I don't know too many skin mods that look realistic yet pretty. There's Fair skin on the nexus, but I don't know of any others. I belive there's an elf mod that you're looking for on the nexus, but I don't know its name. 


9. If you're using UNP, try the spice girl armor and mini dress armor replacers. If you're using CBBE, look for Killer Keos. There's probably a reason you're using that as your go-to.


One other I would suggest is devious framework and devious attributes. They add a few more effects to when you get raped such as weakening willpower and being too exhausted to redress. I hope this helps


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Shadow covered the bunt of it.  Just have to add for #7 Wet and Cold is great.  Especially with cloaks of Skyrim. 


You also may want to look in to Scent of Sex for some of the things you're trying to accomplish.  SexLab Aroused Creatures is great for critter involvement, but Scent of Sex does most of the same stuff, plus conditions for humanoids.  For example, lets say you want the game to scan for actors with >50% arousal.  Then you tell the game what to do with that information.  Such as approaching other NPCs, or approaching the PC.  Or just outright raping the wildlife.


Also, for UNP armors, I use this one.  It allows you to choose specific replacers through a menu.  There are lore friendly options.

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All are good suggestions and many of them, I have tried before, or am currently using, but my current mod list for play is considerably unstable. 

I am considering reinstalling NMM and Skyrim for a fresh vanilla copy, and then trying small groups of mods to add in stages or steps, to improve stability. 


... So, does anybody have any suggestions of ordered steps for installing the first few mods for basic mods for this style of gameplay?


Also, there's the age-old question of UNP or CBBE? 

UNP seems newer (newer in the sense of being a little less old and having a few more features), but seemed to have less information or support, and many of the best outfits, items, and bodies haven't been updated or supported for UNP, and so CBBE was the first and easiest that I've been able to get working properly.



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