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Does anyone know what would cause this


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I changed my OS (Windows 10) to an SSD and ever since then Fallout New Vegas launches normally showing the Bethesda icon then boots straight into this screen without me seeing the main menu.


Every single DLC notification proceeds to pop up then stops.

There is Audio but i am unable to move. I'm staring at a picture with sound basically.


Thanks in advance.



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First of all. Sort your loadorder with LOOT https://loot.github.io/

LOOT will also tell you if it's missing a master plugin.


I've check loot and it doesn't say I'm missing any master plugins.

I've re-downloaded New Vegas and i get the exact same problem as well.


Have I possibly corrupted the script extender?

I've recently did that with my skyrim but It would CTD when loading a save, whereas with New Vegas I can not load a save at all.

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If you have SORTED with LOOT and still have problems. Post your NEW load order and if possible also your install order (in what order you installed all the mods and NVSE etc)

Sorry if there is a more efficient way of capturing my install order.

I've played around 30 hours with these mods installed and haven't changed them since.


Thank you for your time






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do you have the ENB installed correctly "WEATHER RUDY ENB.esp=1"   ?


is your FNV.exe 4GB proof?


Have you done all steps for ArchiveInvalidation?


Yeah i've just checked everything and it is all correct.


I may try to delete the data folder, then verify files; see if New Vegas boots to menu. if that works i'll restore the deleted files but if I get the problem again I'll have to delete.

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note that with validating New Vegas cache, that steam will undo some of the changes made by the mods.  Noteworthy in these are ENB and 4GB.  Also invalidate your Archives...


I've found the issue.


The issue was regarding the menus folder in the Data folder, I'm not sure which mod it was cos i just deleted the entire folder then verified the files again. I reinstalled all my interface mods which were about 3 and every works.


thanks for your help.

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