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The toilet: ever fall asleep on it?

Kamen Rider Kuuga

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Nope. Never have and probably never will. I'm usually doing something fun or important at my desk to waste time sleeping there. Plus how could anyone? Your expending energy, how do you sleep while doing that? I guess if you bring a freaking TV or book in there and just sit there with your dirty ass on the toilet... Why people do that is beyond me.


Plus, I have something else for sleeping on. It's called a BED! MUCH more comfortable than a toilet seat!

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Yup I have and its easy to do. First off, I was a sailor for 8 year...we can sleep anywhere on anything under the noisiest conditions. My rack (otherwise known as a bed) was directly underneath the waterbreak for the catapult system for the aircraft carrier I Was stationed too. In a nut shell.. aircraft gets launched, but where does all that kinetic energy go from the catapult itself? It doesnt just dissapear into nothing. No.. hit slamms in teh water break which shakes the whole damn front end of the ship.... It was common to sleep through all that.


SO yea, back to the toilet..its easy. Add IBS where sometimes you are fighting tooth and nail just to shit out a rabbit turd and you'll find it quite simple. No its not comfortable and yes your ass goes numb, but if your taht tired, you'll sleep anywhere, trust me.

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Guest Bacon

Nope never. Going on the shitter is like a workout for me cause my stomach is always constipated. From what iv'e heard most people go each day i go 2-3 days apart. So yeah no chance of me falling asleep unless i pass out :P

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For a good year, it was the only place I could get any sleep.

I'll explain...



I worked a crappy 3rd shift job doing Database Administration...which actually turned out to be "Photo Editing" for a home-sales company that will remain unnamed.


I'm a total computer geek so it took me about 2 hours to do what most of the other DBA's took 8 hours to do. So what was I supposed to do for the next 6 hours?


Evil bastard night-manager didn't want people roaming around the plant, also didn't want us helping out in other areas, didn't want people reading at their desk, or surfing the web, or playing games, or talking to other employees.


So I'd go in the bathroom and sleep for 20 minute periods.


Eventually evil bastard night-manager started ratting me out to morning shift supervisor.


Destroyed his truck with vile rotten-meat stinkbombs in every accessible orifice. After the 2nd time, the evil bastard finally quit.

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