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Ways to make characters to look pretty


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Making pretty characters can either be either really hard, or stupidly easy; I say this because "pretty" and "beautiful" are subjective terms. Aside from the wonderful mods Creeposaurus posted, the only advice I can give you is to stay within realistic proportions of the face.


There's this neat little entry on the nexus that goes into depth about facial proportions if you're feeling artistic.

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Here's what I've used (These aren't all of them' date=' but these are a good start):


[b']Body Mods[/b]

Dimonized UNP female body

Caliente's Female Mod Big Bottom Edition


Face Texture Mods

Better Females by Bella



Female Face Mesh Mods

RANs Chargen Morph

Enhanced Character Edit


Hair Mods


Lovely Hairstlyes

Hair Pack


Wow! The first face of "Enhanced Character Edit" is what I'm going to shoot for. It looks amazing.


I've always struggled a little with getting things right as far as face so this is helpful. Thanks creeposaurus.

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Aside from downloading what others consider to be the "essential" cosmetics mods, you should also learn the basics of facial proportions. You can have the nicest cosmetics mods out there and those may help a great deal, but if your character has bad facial proportioning that would just undo all the hard work you put into downloading everything.


I don't know how many Skyrim characters out there I've seen that are complete butterfaces. Big boobs, nice ass, but when you get to the face...I don't know how I would wake up at 3am without screaming in terror if I saw that sleeping next to me.

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I would suggest Temptress Race http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/18717

It provides a good base (nice facepresets).

It took me five minutes to create this character:





do u have special setting for take good picture like that ?


I use Zoners High Performance ENB http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/15551.

For close shots I change the field of view with the console.

Without changing the fov the image(close up) looks distorted.

Values about fov 10 - 30 give nice results.

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