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  1. Its awesome seeing this thread still going almost 4 years later and holy crap! All these mods. You guys are awesome!
  2. If you're having no luck for the other female NPCs I can give it a go. I just wanted to give others a chance to give them a try.
  3. Here we go Sample2 is my attempt at a Nord woman's accent. Sample3 is just an example of different pitches I can do. Omfg XD Sample2 Sample3
  4. Ooooh Daniy is strong-willed. I'll record a sample soon
  5. Sort of . I've just strayed away from that for a bit cos someone else wanted to contribute to the mod as well. That and the whole thing just pissed me off XD. I try to learn too much all at once lol
  6. The armor listed under "Nightingale Prime" is actually called "Black Sacrament Armor". Nightingale Prime was an armor by the mod author Zerofrost/Satyr that was taken off the Nexus by him a while back
  7. Thank you ^^ First thing I have to do is get over my fear of maneuvering around in the rendering window and boring tutorials. So far the only thing I've done is create followers (I made a sexy zombie girl that had super strength and pukes ), tweaked item drops, make standalone armors with people's textures, and other easy stuff. If you need any help with the small tedious stuff I'll gladly pitch in
  8. Thank you so much. Looks freaking awesome! I'm going to attempt a player home and shove this awesomeness in there
  9. You sir/ma'am are awesome! ^^ I know its a weird request, but then again, I'm a weird person that's into weird things xD (Sorry if this is a stupid question) Is it using the female mesh used ingame?
  10. Thank you for the English lesson, despite the fact that I wasn't referring to the skewer. I was referring to what was being cooked on the spit, which is a Skeever. A SKEWERED SKEEVER! Fucking unintentional tongue twisters.
  11. That's cool. Either way way, textures can be changed easily. Thank you for your effort though, it still looks pretty cool
  12. @Ghjkl: Evilrunner's got the right idea. It is possible if you make the missing limb equippable like armor. You know how sometimes people complain about some armor making certain parts of their body disappear? I figured maybe that could be applied here, only there's a bloody/bandaged/healed over stump at the end. I don't care about the animations part. I don't mind no custom animations. I just want it for cosmetic reasons. Possibly to apply to wounded soldiers and possible other npcs that are either bedridden or sitting all the time. Also I don't mean as a replacer for all of them. Maybe j
  13. Wow, that makes me wish I had Oblivion for PC instead of the 360 Thanks for the link! That site is exactly what I've been looking for
  14. A while back some guy made a thread on the Nexus requesting a vore related mod that replaced the skeever with something similar to this I was super happy to see another with a similar interest but I'm pretty sure you guys know how that went down with others in that community. I figured since you're a community full of talented modders, perhaps someone has already or could do something like this. As for the amputees and scars, its not really sexual or anything, so I'm not sure why I even put it in this section, its more for realism reasons. I've literally put Lydia through 30
  15. First time posting but wanted to thank you guys and that one helpful member for successfully making a loli race. I'm so happy with my Ana I never really had a childhood so I think its fun living it through a toon girl who dons pigtails and the way of the thu'um.
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