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  1. wangjj101

    Issue with breast collision

    Oh my bad, I actually have XPMSE installed, and it is loaded at the end. My screenshot just left out that part:
  2. wangjj101

    Issue with breast collision

    Hi, it's been almost 2 years since I last booted up Skyrim, and recently decided I would start from fresh file and reinstall all my mods. However, I can't seem to get the breast collision working (from sexy idle animation). My hands just clip through the breasts. Here's my current load order: Am I missing something? I am not sure if HDT Havok Physics Object is necessary for the collision to happen, but when I equipped the Object I can see very very tiny amount of collision, as if the colliding area is smaller than the breast. I've seen mentions of manually attaching XML via Nifskope, but I am not even sure where to begin, since all the files on MO are theoretical and doesn't exist in a physical folder. Please help!
  3. Ok so I checked the HDT log and saw that only 1 XML file is being loaded. Is this the issue? The log is in the below spoiler. Also, when I installed HDT I was never told to attach the XML to any body part, since I assumed the CBBE HDT preset in Bodyslide already had it. Do I have to do this manually?
  4. wangjj101

    Bodyslide Wizardry

    The first one is nearly impossible , since even the Reference body coming with it misscales in the Editor.. sry. I'm taking a look at the 2nd link now Im done with the second one , check it out in the Download Cache , also , if it's perfect for you , make a picture and post the picture in this forum so people can see the armor Thank you very much! A friend of mine tried converting the first one but couldn't, and I thought it was because he was new at it. Guess I thought wrong ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Now, I am still quite new to the CalienteTool, so I am not really sure how to actually use this conversion... I already have the original file installed, so do I just make it fit my body preset and press build?
  5. wangjj101

    Bodyslide Wizardry

    Mate i think you links are broken only the single image gets a correct page. The others just take you to the blogs front page. Wait what how are yours working and not mine lol I think the brackets are in the way Yea you are right, fixed now, thanks for the heads up
  6. wangjj101

    Bodyslide Wizardry

    Mate i think you links are broken only the single image gets a correct page. The others just take you to the blogs front page. Wait what how are yours working and not mine lol
  7. wangjj101

    Bodyslide Wizardry

    Armor: Demon Empress http://mitakusaner.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-1107.html Armor: Moonlight Dress http://mitakusaner.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-1438.html (Just convert this one) Conversion to: CBBE Bodyslide Thanks for taking your time to take requests!
  8. Ok, so I removed the old skeleton and made sure that the extended skeleton was not being overwritten by anything. I've also disabled Havoc Object, since it was overwritting the XML file in "HDT Breast And Butt Physics". However, I am still not getting any collision form my character. I have read many guides on this website, including the one you've linked, and have tried their instructions, but nothing seemed to work. Is it always this frustrating?
  9. A friend told me that both skeletons were needed, since one would just overwrite the other. So I should remove the original skeleton and keep the extended one then? The HDT at the bottom is the Havoc Object, forgot to rename it. I will check the conflicts and see what's wrong with it. Though is the "HDT Breast And Butt Physics" the mod that gives collision? Edit: It seems like it is being overwritten by the Havoc Object itself, since the "HDT Breast And Butt Physics" only gives the DefaultBBP XML file.
  10. I couldn't find an up-to-date help thread, so sorry for making another help topic. Anyways, I stopped playing Skyrim about 2 years ago and just came back recently to the game. But, I have forgotten how to do modding, and I've started using Mod Organizer, which I am completely new to, instead of NMM. I am clueless on how to make the collision to work on MO(the breasts and butt seem to have to physics, but when I am using something like sexy idle the hands move through the breasts), and I've checked guides involving MO like this one but the pictures are all out of date and I still couldn't get it to work. Below is my load order.
  11. wangjj101

    Mod Organizer

    My config.xml file is actually in the Bodyslide folder, but I think that is the same one. Anyways, how would I change the path so that it overwrites the .nif files in the Mod Manager Data/meshes folder instead of the Skyrim Data/meshes folders? Isn't the Mod Manager Data folder "imaginary"?
  12. wangjj101

    Mod Organizer

    Hi I have a frustrating problem for the Bodyslider. So I followed the instructions on the installation and running it as a executable via Mod Organizer, it keeps giving me the "no image" for the texture when previewing the body in Bodyslider, and also it doesn't overwrite the .nif file in the Mod Manager data folder, but the actual Skyrim data folder instead. Is there anyway I can fix this?
  13. wangjj101

    Seductress Serana

    Reuploaded the file, try it now. I modified the last one instead of adding it. Thank you! Awesome work btw.
  14. Something else might be wrong then.. unless there's something in relation to it with XMLs then unequipping Havok Object shouldn't break your physics ever. Also, I know nothing about pathing so it shouldn't be required as I've gotten collision working fine before by just installing the simple Havok Object setup. I have had issues similar to what you have with Havok Object when I was initially testing it out, but don't really know a cause. Something in your install is probably off especially if your physics won't even work without Havok Object equipped. Does the default XML for Havok Object do this or are you using a custom one? And does the standard HDT install give you working physics? Or does it still not work then? I tried both the XML for Object and 14.28, and same result for both. If collision is what you mean by working physics, then yes, it does give me working physics, just stuck pointing upwards. This is really frustrating.... I already reinstalled game + mod twice already...... shouldn't be this hard. Edit: Wait that's not what I meant...... Yes the physics are applied when my character walks or does any animation involving TBBP or BBP, but only for collision does this issue occur.