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Animations Frozen Standing Still


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Hi everyone I am pretty new to this modding skyrim thing but it is something I always wanted to try. I have been having some animation issues with sexlab where the characters just stand still and do nothing. On occasion, they even go inside of each other and stand completely still. However, they make sounds, facial expressions and other objects in the nether region do animate properly.
Despite this there is no physical movement other than that and I have followed the FAQ perfectly and have installed everything required. I even tried going onto sexlab's support page and did pretty much everything on that page with no luck what so ever. I am sure I am missing something very obvious but I am just to new to notice it. Any help would be really appreciated!
I will provide a screenshot of my Mod organizer so you guys can see what I have installed. I have tried animations with multiple individuals in skyrim with no luck at all and it s naturally frustrating!


Thanks for anybody's help in advance.



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It seems like you're using an SLAL pack, but not the SL Animation Loader itself? Or is it just how your program calls the mod? Because using SLAL packs without SL Animation Loader wouldn't work obviously.

Then, did you register your animations in Sex Lab? I mean, all of them? Marked and registered?


Oh and, I don't know if it matters much, I'm not using a mod manager at all, but why are you loading SL dependent stuff prior to the framework anyway? :o

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Technically you were both right! I had to install an SL animation loader and change the disable starting teleport. When I installed the SL animation loader it was partially working, but still buggy. Then when I changed the teleport settings it started to work. Thanks you guys everything is peachy now!

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