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_1stperson/skeleton.nif causing crashes?


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Hello everyone,

I'm Nic from the SureAI (Enderal) team. We recently had reportings of CTDs when transitioning a cell, and meh321 from Skyrimnexus-Forums helped us track down the reason for this: Apparently there seems to be something wrong with our _1stperson-skeleton. I don't really remember why we have a new 1st person skeleton, since our new animations (1st and 3rd person) still seem to be working fine without it. I was wondering, whether any of the animation pros among you could take a look at this nif and tell us if there's something wrong with it? Your help would be immensely appreciated!


Here's the NIF: https://www.dropbox.com/s/h2f9novn1atocfn/skeletonTest.nif?dl=0


Thanks a bunch,



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My first question would be like yours, Nic .... why do you think you need a specific 1stperson skeleton? I assume there's a normal 3rdperson skeleton as well? The game can only use one.


At a very quick glance, comparing it to vanilla Skyrim skeleton.nif I see yours has no collision at all, and is missing a BSBound node and (possibly more important) a BSXFlags node to actually tell the game it's a skeleton nif.

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Hi and thanks for the quick replies!


I haven't done the animations myself, but according to our animation artist, this skeleton was needed to get the 1st person animations to work. Can I simply copy and paste the settings from the vanilla skeleton bsx flags? :)

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You could, as a test. I'm not saying that is the problem or the only problem. ;)


There's too many unknowns here, like how you've made your animations and if these CTD reports are random or consistent. But sure, try it.



(btw, looking forward to the english ver release to play this! :) )

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