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Will DOOM get modded?


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Guest endgameaddiction

Not sure if I would. I doubt I would even use the snapmap. It just looks like another counterstrike or COD game. The snapmap feature that is.

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The thing is DOOM isn't a Bethesda game, they only published it, so don't expect standard Bethesda levels of modding support. Just like (to my knowledge at least) there isn't modding support for Brink, Wolfenstein, Rage, Dishonored, The Evil Within, or Hunted: The Demon's Forge, other recent games published by Bethesda that they didn't actually develop.

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Here's my question to the topic starter.  I love Doom, I'm damn near obsessed with Doom as a franchise, and this newest release has become my favorite game of all time.  That said... this site is 90% adult mods... I dont think I wanna picture a cacodemon with boobs... do you?

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