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Havok Breast Object


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I honestly have no idea what this is, as HDT functions have worked on my character's bodies without such a thing ever being there. But now I see it on everything and it's distracting as fuck. Is there a way to get rid of it, or even know where it's originating from? I've never seen this in all the hours I've put into this game.

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It's not usually needed on your own character, but it's added by HDT body mods to allow it to work on the npcs too.


It's added by the animated pussy mods usually, male npcs just get a plain havoc object, presumably for the HDT schlong/vagina interaction, female npcs get a havoc breast object which handles the breast/but/belly/vagina.


There's a bit of a debate as to whether it's even needed for everything to work correctly, but it's added by the various mod mod makers 'just in case'.

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Considering I've never seen this before, I'd assume it isn't needed, especially since male characters have it on them too for some reason. It's mere existence makes my OCD go through the roof, because I haven't changed any mods, they've been the same ones I've used since I began, but now they're just suddenly there.

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I also trying to find out if object is needed. I mainly have it so npc females will use Sexy idle correctly and move breats when touched. I also have some standalone npc followers who have the collision built into their hands I think. Or maybe head.


But wit hands alone they move breasts oddly. As if collision box to large. Breasts move before hands touch. But if I equip them havoc object then breast collision stop. It would seem a tested standardized method is needed

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Now if I remember correctly, this HDT object was first introduced to allow armor/clothing pieces to use the HDT .xml configuration file without having to manually add it to each and every piece. I have this object and I see no issue in using it because it does not conflict with anything.

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Hi today I serach around to understand clear what Havok object means. I could jiggle breast , hip, or vagina aleady, and may could SOS parts without problem,

but I understand to get collison for all NPC, I need havok obj. (at least,, it make us easy,,, there is only one rule,,I think)


Then this is my suggestion (though I know I am really new comer,, and not have contributed for anyone ><;)


As you know, we have already  many XMLs for HDT-PE  configure,  for PC, NPC, and cusotmrace, creature etc.

There are already mods, which offer many XMLs or just add one havok obj,, etc


I really thank all mods which make easy HDT :shy:

,but I think,, it seems better, all HDT xml should be gathered as "One or two Habok Obj" with one slots,

then all modder may use same slot and use same naming rule,  about  Havok obj. (And we many need not any attached XML body or hand or feet or SOS,

If there is maybe three havok obj, and it discribe all XMLs which need for each (man female, creature, each body parts,)


At current,  they are different by each mods, how they set XML for each part. then some mod use default named XML but 

some mods use hdt.xml, another mods use xmlm ,,etc,,, it often  confuse user when We try many mods, and make "original HDT XML sets."


Then I  d hope "skyrim user coummuity" (at least lovers lab community)  offer clear rule about XML naming, then hope to decide,

what part mesh are controlled by what name XML.  and which slot should be used for havok obj.


so that, we do not care,,if  some mods will remove the havok obj from character, without intention,(if we have one rule,, we just do not use slot for oher purpose)

or when play sex animation, we only need to set slot, for all character animation, I think.,,, (though I do not know well about creature mesh parts and havok ,,,)


 If we have same rule about configure XML (HDT -PE) naming, we may easy controll each XML and try many XML settings as I like,,,


And  maybe (I request) some modder make,, new Havok Obj controll Utility,, which can on and off (wear or off) HDT obj from MCM ,

then we may apply Havok obj for all character, at same time, or apply only follower,, etc.


I know I am not understand all,, but How you (lovers love members) think to decide naming rule and decide slot for havok obj?


and if there is havok obj, I believe, we may need not atttach any XML for each body parts and clothings,, as , (just need weight maps if the part need HDT)

then the effect should be controlled by Havok obj (attached XML) only..  I think it should work,,,


I feel, if it can reduce  memory  when we use HDT,, I think too many XML attached for all parts,, are loaded in HDTlogs,,, )  How do you think :blush: ?

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