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NMM isn't installing any files!!! (Fixed) Now random CTD in gameplay

Alissa Kane

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I have no idea wtf has happened but I just finished doing a clean install of skyri (due to scripts being fcked) and then spent ages uninstalling my mods from before then doing a fresh reinstall of them in my new save. When I loaded up the SKSE launcher I got a CTD, however when I checked my load order every mod has its esp and esm masters, I even ran BOSS just incase. I then checked my data folder, all of the esms and esps where there however when I checked in the folders and their subfolders, for example textures/actors/character/eyes... they are completely empty. Every single one of the 230 mids has install the esps/esms and file directories yet no actual files. Does anyone know wtf has happened or how to fix it as currently I cant play modded skyrim at all.




Definitely something to do with NMM. I checked the "Mods" folder in the NMM files and all the downloaded mods there have the data inside. NMM just install placing them into my Skyrim directory

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Yeh, I only used the BOSS as an afterthought and I don't have LOOT as I have enough knowledge to sort loadorders myself. Im currently redirecting/resetting the NMM mod install directory to see if that gets it to realize its not installing properly... however it's taking a while.

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I would maybe try to reinstall NMM and see if that fixes it could be that something is wrong with it.


I know at times during reinstalls/updates that the CK (creation kit) would go bonkers causing errors and not working correctly but after removing it and then reinstalling it back would fix the problem.

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I did get it to install my mods. I believe that it was cause I moved my skyrim to a different drive, my other one was close to max capacity and NMM doesn't like working across drives. It worked when I moved my NMM folders onto the new HDD as well. On a side note, I get random CTDs after 10-15 mins of gameplay. I had this problem before the fresh install but hoped it would of been fixed. Currently updating my drivers but does anyone know the actual cause so I don't have to guess if it isn't my driver? Thanks for help so far.




From what I've been reading so far on other threads almost everything causes this (apparently ;)). So far I've seen people say turn the graphics down (however I have 4GB of VRAM), that its mod related, I should verify game caches... Unfortunately it seems like most of the time it didn't work for the other people with this problem. I have turned down graphics but no effect, already verified and will unfortunately start combing through the mods. As I said before, if anyone knows sure fix help would be appreciated.

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