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Animations tag unification


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Call this a request, a cry for help or just a simple comment:


I noticed that many animations have different tags for the same thing, for example

- Aggressive, Aggresive, forced, rape

- Vagina, vaginal, pussy

- Oral, lick, cunnilinguis

- Group, orgy, gangbang


This fact, sometimes, it's an obstacle when using mods with filters like defeat, sexlab tools, sexlab utils, etc

For example: if i want defeat to use cowgirl animations when the aggresor is female and the victim is male i need to configure the MCM menu and tell defeat to use the tag "cowgirl" for this situations, wich would be fine except for the fact that there are also consensual animations for cowgirl wich i dont want. This could be easily solved if i just add the "aggressive" tag and "require all tags" but since there are cowgirl animations that have a different tag to point that is actually an aggressive animations (rape, femdom, forced, etc) it results in a shorter list than supposed to.


So, what i am trying to ask / suggest is: Could it be possible for this amazing animator comunity to agree in a "tag structure" per say? For example, and its just an idea:


"animation-type" / "sex-type" / "sexuality" / "actors-type" / "miscs"


The first 4 groups would have a specific range / pre-agreed parameters

Again, for example;

Animation-type:  Foreplay / Consensual / Aggressive / Creature Consensual, Creature Aggressive

Sex-type: Vaginal / Anal / Oral (could have mutiple of this if the animation is not limited to one type of sex)

Sexuality: Straght / Gay / Lesbian

Actors type: Group / MFF / MFF / MMF / FFF, etc


while  "misc" could be whatever extra non-mandatory tags the animator wants to add and that it could be use to play that (group of) animations in particular, for example (again!): Leito




Of course this is just a raw thought, i am already figuring that animators will find lots of pros and cons or troubles with my example but you get the idea



My two cents



PS: Yes, i read this thread http://www.loverslab.com/topic/56735-is-it-posssible-to-change-the-animation-tags/?

But as far as i imagen all the changes that any of us can do to the animation tags will be overwriten everytime you update the mod, right?

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I think this initiative must be launched by Ashal - cause (he/she) has the highest authority...


I would like to see more standardized tags: Binding, Pillory, XCross ...


Because currently selecting the right animation is a pain for us modders.

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It's up to the animation author to determine what the tags are. So if author A says "vaginal" and author B says "vagina" then there's not much Ashal can actually do, except force Sexlab to recognize both as valid.

There was a recent request on the development thread about that too. EDIT: Zaira's request. My bad.  :blush:

I am unfamiliar with the tagging standard guide that he mentions, but CPU started something similar to what you're suggesting already.

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I agree.. It would be really nice to get some unified or standardized tag structure set up. I've been banging my head on the wall for a while trying to get Defeat to use the right kinds of animations.


It's real annoying when my female character is supposed to get raped by a bandit who defeated her, but instead of that happening she lifts him upside down and starts forcibly sucking his dick, and after that forces him to the ground and angrily fucks herself on his cock while choking his neck. And all simply because that animation is tagged "aggressive" and "MF" which makes Defeat think it's an appropriate animation to be used on a raped female.


In other words, the tagging system should also be able to describe who in the animation is the initiator or aggressor. I ended up having to fully disable that animation in SexLab because I couldn't make it stop happening; which I really didn't want to do.. It would be nice for it to still be an option if my character ever raped a male victim.


Edit: After reading about SexLab Tools in one of the linked threads, I'll have to give that a try since it can apparently change tags of an animation. I'm still not sure that can fix the issue of Defeat not knowing who the aggressor in an animation should be, though.

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