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Looking for games with dragons in them


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Guys do you know any games with dragons taking major role in the gameplay as enemies or pets/companions or playable characters? I am "aware" of Skyrim for example but its not often for you to see a dragon, I mean the gameplay is not around that entirely. Are there any games where you can use a dragon as pet all the time or you are killing dragons as main enemy?

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I played it when it first came out for the 360 but for the time I played it I never encountered a dragon. I didn't played much tho, because I had to sell my console. Now I know the game is out for PC but are the dragons big part of the game, or its like Skyrim - there are there but you are not encountering that much dragons at all. Is it like 1 dragon fight for 10 hours doing other stuff or?

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I can't count how many times I finished this one :D


I may give a go on Dragonflight, but it seems kinda rough tho'


@Vivi, thanks I will get Dragon Dogma on PC and play it more than I did on the 360. It seems there are dragons to be killed ^^




More suggestions are always welcome too!

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Endless Legend: is a 4x style game that has a playable dragon race known as the Drakken. Highly recommend if you like Sid Meier's Civilization games.
Divinity: Dragon Commander: Haven't gotten around to playing this one yet but from what I understand you play as a dragon and blow things up and then go home and date a skeleton...?

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Drakengard series revolve solely around the player's relationship with their dragon partner. The first two are for PS2, never played the third one.


Oh yeah, there's also Reign of Fire. It's made after an awesome dragon vs human movie and you can play as either side. I didn't like it, but it's everything you're looking for.

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The Sims III has this EA Store town with green and purple toy dragons, apparently. If you install KinkyMod it'll be fun to play, although AFAIK Kinkymod (while it does support zoophile entertainment with dogs and horses) doesn't let you do anything too special with them.

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Guest ...failure



Monster Hunter Series. You'll face a lot of them.








I thought they are just for PS and handheld consoles? I only have PC and 360 atm : \



*Whispers in ear* Emulators. Teehee






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If you don't mind some older (..well..almost ancient :D )  titles...

Drakan: Order of the Flame - pet dragon, can ride him..



Drakan: The Ancient Gates - sequel to the one above...came out only on PS2 but it's playable on Pc using the PCSX2 emulator



The I of the Dragon - ARPG with 3 playable dragons...even though it has some issues it's a very underrated game imo..well reviews were good but it kinda flew under the radar of pretty much everyone  :( 

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Holy shit I had forgotten about Drakan ! It was such an awesome game at the time I played it...


That aside WoW has lots of dragons in it if you want something multiplayer. When it comes to singleplayer however I can't really think of a game that is all about dragons and is recent. (Drakan like mentioned above is probably what you are searching for , maybe Spyro might make you have some fun also?)

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Tbh, I recently replayed all Spyro games lol. They ran like crap on the 360 though. The emulator is still a joke after all these years but I wanted to see if there's some improvement. In the end I just went back to ePSXe ^^

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