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old female npc's turn invisible when hdt is activate ??


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Not sure why this happens but it seem to be this category effected. Normal female are visible this happened after using body slide. if i turn it off all npc are back to normal but the bounce is gone i need to have this bounce working. Not sure why old female turned invisible though. i only see the head and feet and hands everything else is invisible.

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If you can't run Skyrim at 60fps AT ALL TIMES, no matter what's on screen, this is going to happen.


make an ini file and put this in it and put it in your plugins folder.


numThreads = 1
solverBufferSizeInKBs = 12288
solverTau = 0.8
solverDamp = 0.8
solverIterations = 8
solverMicrosteps = 1
enableDeactivation = false



save it as hdtPhysicsExtensions.ini


But again if you're not hitting 60 fps all the time, this isn't going to do jack.

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