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Sexlab thinks i'm still in an animation.

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Hi, i'm still playing with 1.60(2) hf, animations in general work still fine, but:

[01/21/2016 - 10:40:09PM] SEXLAB - NOTICE: ValidateActor(Gefangener) -- FALSE -- They appear to already be animating


I'm pretty sure i'm not in an animation, fast travel, talking, idle animation, everything works fine, but i can't have sex anymore. Birth from Estrus chaurus spider worked as well, but neither before nor after birth i'm able to have sex, the last time was triggered by Dibellian Sisterhood. I've played 1-2 hours since then, if anybody knows a way to fix it which needs less than 1 hour, i'd be glad. :)


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Thank you :) I'm testing some mods in alpha-beta status right now, i just want to be sure that any problems aren't caused by an upgrade where things can be different or i've done something wrong, but i had to reload anyways because i made a mistake in on of the quests there. But it's good to know there is a solution if it happens again!

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