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Miraak - Dragonborn Follower Modif -- with Dragon Shout improvement and Revenge Enemy Skill

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Simple Description:

  • A Powerful and unique companion. Beat him after "at the summit of apocrypha" -- transientfaith Mods... Thanks to him.
  • His Spell is Unique, Rapid Fire spell like Chain gun, make him like Spell Master. Also add some more unique spell that player didn't have -- Thanks to MyEvergreenHometown mods idea.
  • Stronger shout and Different handicap like his title "The First Dragonborn". -- Thanks to Ozram Shout Setting.
  • His Face looks like Half Dragon when he return into Tamriel, "To subdue this chaotic world..." -- Thanks to Kampfsteak Texture and Template.
  • Final Battle With" Gigantic Luker" will be harder, With Last and First Dragonborn fight together will be Easy...


Inspired by:


--Also Fix Altar didn't show up in the end of Fight.
--Compatible with Skyrim Unofficial Patch


See long Description (read me) and Screen-shot to more details…

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    Dragonborn, Miraak - Dragonborn Follower
  • Special Edition Compatible


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