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Succubus / Demon Lair


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Hey all,

I would like to play as a badass sexy demon that kidnaps people, brings them to his/her evil lair and transforms them into slutty followers / mindless drones to do his/her bidding.


Kinda like Corruption of Champions, instead this time i am the bad guy :P 


Anyone has any suggestions for mods i could use? I tried Succubus Race on nexus, but all it has is a few offensive spells and a charm spell. Kinda disappointing :(


All mods, suggestions, and ideas are welcome :D

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Can,t say i disagree ^^

The characters used in the animations are awesome as well :o

I wonder if he has any presets lying around  :P 

Also would be awesome if it was possible to transform yourself. From human form to succubus form. Succubus Race has this. But it just adds horns and wings, some black smoke and POOF succubus form. Still thanks for the find :P

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Lookie, the mod author honors us with his presence! Welcome your creativeness :P


I didnt even know there were transform packages for this! Looks fun :D


I will give it a try once i have more time to tinker with mods, currently busy finishing school stuffs. :(

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Hm, there is a mod that allows you to make some random NPC into your follower.. but I'm not sure if I happen to mean a sexlab related mod, or some other non-adult mod I used for SL purposes. In any case, my point is that you always can use a work-around to have both the succubus and the "follow to evil lair to become sex slave" content you desire.


Well, not really immersive, but if you use SL prostitution mod, the NPC will follow you until you start or abort the sex scenes. You could use those mods to lure someone into your lair. But I'd say it's "lore-breaking" (to your character) if you lure them from Whiterun to a cave 3 days of journey afar... on the other hand, if your character would live in a village like Rorikstead (and those minor settlements), with lots of empty rooms and dungeons nearby... well, you know, what I'm suggesting here.


Good luck - and no worry, on LL most modders are very open to the feedback from us users. That's what gives this board it's special flavour.

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I just like it, how he responds in my little thread ^^


Anyways, i don't like to have them as a follower straight away. But something like a charm, that wears off after a while if you havent corrupted the character.

As for seducing them. I have played this mod Immersive Wenches where you can seduce these characters in a dialog. Although kinda simple it add a lille immersion compared to just a spell that changes a npc into a follower.

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