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converting unpb armour to unp


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Lets start with... I want to convert N8k black rose unpb armour to unp. N8k black rose armour home page is very specific in regards to doing what we want to do with this file, if there is redistribution he most credited. i downloaded newest version of blender. Blender as many functions so there was no requirements that i saw that i didnt have. however it appears that there are requirements to import nif files(meshes) that im installing now. Im almost completely lost on this endeavor. Im not having the best of luck on research on the topic of converting armour to different body types, 1st/best info i had found simply said import armours nif_o to blender. Blender didnt recognize any of my nif files, poop. found more info saying i had to go into blender and under user preference/add-ons under categories imports/exports and enable Import/export netimmerse/gamebryo nif format. ran into a problem in which that option wasnt there to enable. Installing different blender now with hopefully all requirements for armour conversion. ................ If anyone could give me some fairly understandable info I would appreciate it.   For whats it worth, I know i can use that armour with my unp body, jsut not interesting with that option. Thanks

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Frick, frack, fudge and other f words.     spinning in circles.    Someone toss me a bone, dl 2 blenders and 3 pythons.  in circles.  I have a 64 bit system, windows 7 home premium.  what blender and python versions do i need and or other requirements?   where im at now is i downloaded a different blender that i thought was the one i needed and the python version it instructed me to dl is python 2.6, that version is from 2008, poop, i think im the wrong place. 

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Not sure on blender stuff as I don't use it I use Gerra6's clothing converter instead which can convert one body or armor to a different body. It works best if both the to and from bodies have matching UV maps. UNP to UNPB have matching UV maps UNP to CBBE do not have matching UV maps. For ones that don't have matching UV maps you can't use the UV search option. They also have another tool in the modders resource area for adding TBBP BBP HDT BnB BBB to any given body or armor depending on what game it is for. It works for skyrim oblivion and fallout 3/New Vegas. http://www.loverslab.com/topic/27557-new-clothing-body-style-converter-beta-v089f-10-26-2014/ Most info needed is posted in the first post of the thread.

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