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This may sound unusual, but I would like an armour mod that doesn't add any textures to the game, as if the player or npc was nude while wearing it, but adds armour stats to the character. Is there a mod like this that already exists, or would it have to be made?

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does exist, look for beastess stuff (its about being nude and getting armor stuff from doing the dirty acts.) ill try and find it






unless you're looking armor that's invisible...





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Its not that hard to make it happen anyways yourself ever wonder how some helms appear invisible? simple there's no helm mesh same can be done with the body just gotta "make" a armor mod that only points to your preferred body mesh or could use a existing armor mod open the nif's and literally delete the armor from it (note you'll have to pick a suit what has the body included ie something that shows a body under it).

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