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Any experienced quest/dialog modders out there?


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By the looks of it, the lucky38 mod contains the topic as a wild/dirty edit and can be cleaned of it.

The delilah esp flags it as top-level while it isn't meant to be elsewhere - I'd remove that mod entirely or fix that stuff in the geck. The same goes for the RWKNV thing. People should just learn to create brand new topics instead of overwriting vanilla, even if the original in the nv esm seems to be unused. Because if more than one mod starts using unused vanilla formIDs they're no longer unused, are they. And this one actually is used, because it's recycled by Honest Hearts - not a great example to set by obsidian. Not sure why that topic is so likely to be used/changed - I just loaded up my entire test LO and it seems sexoutsex has it as a dirty edit too. I thought it might be the "EMPTY" one that people tend to accidentally pick instead of creating a new one in the 'pick a topic' window, but the only one in vanilla called "empty" is... actually overridden by Old World Blues. Maybe there are 2? Who knows.

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