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This is a DMRA conversion of the Cute Leather Dress by Nailflan.


Version 1.1


You will need the original file here




Install Instructions
1 Download original file and install as per it's instructions.
2 Drag and drop the contents of the rar file into your oblivion directory. Overwite when asked.




Special Thanks


Nailflan for the original mod


myuhinny, mem4ob4, movomo, Vaelorian, and varenne for helping me understand the use of the Clothing Convert program.


and extra special thanks to mem4ob4 for fixing the skirt mesh and removing the clipping!


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I learned how to make use of the Clothing Convertor today, and being the DMRA freak that I am, I have been going crazy with conversions :P  I posted 3 of them up for you all today.  No replies yet, so I just want to make sure they are working for everyone.



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Don't be sorry, be active. erc1971 managed to learn with the help of others in a few days and produce something for others to use. That's how phreaking easy this is, it's not bloody rocket surgery. Review erc1971's recent request and the reply posts on how to do it, and learn. That's what I respect. Nuff said, time for bed.

@ erc1971 - And I'm not a fan of DMRA but nice work. Shows what can be done in a few days with a little effort.

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