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Help in creating an astonishing character

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Hi I'm looking for help in creating my ideal Skyrim character, the reason why I'm asking is because for the past 2 years I've been trying to mod Skyrim to do so but never actually achieved the desired look I wanted, so I tried different tutorials but still they were not helpful enough on did not go into detail.

So if anybody could help me either by giving a tutorial that goes into detail on everything or somebody who would actually take his/her time to  explain me strep by strep; would be appreciated.  I've hope to get help for I truly like Skyrim and finished the game countless times but I just want to play the game again using mods to create my own world and characters.






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  1. Download a preset ( there is a topic somewhere in the LL with lots of qt chars )
  2. Import it to racemenu
  3. Change to your liking
  4. experiment with different textures/normals



  1. download custom follower you like
  2. steal their facegen nifs
  3. import to racemenu
  4. change to your liking
  5. experiment with different textures/normals



  1. find a blueprints of real human people, side and front view preffered
  2. go to racemenu sliders and try to recreate it
  3. tweak/finish with sculp mode
  4. experiment with different textures/normals
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