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How do you get havok physics object collision?


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I created an hdt body in Bodyslide 2 "Sevenbase Oppai"


they bounce but no collision.


this is my load order for female body mods:



Realistic Force

XPMS Extended 2.72

Bodyslide 2 (unified UNP: Sevenbase Oppai)

hdt physics extensions 14.28

[texture for body mod here]

Run FNIS skeleton arm fix & gender specific animation patch


am I missing anything? 

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I read the thread, doesn't really answer my question. I don't intend to have plus size women for my avatar/npcs, I just want to know how to find loot HDT havok object in NPC's. I was able to do it months ago, but the esp download is gone from this site.



You read the thread? Gameplayer linked to the where you can get the havok object and offered some good info as well, that's why I linked to that thread instead of just where you can download. I linked to the wrong post though



Here is what I tried so far and worked.




Btw the collision object is worthless if you don't have a xml file that supports it.

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