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Not sure if I'm putting this topic in the right thread but I'll try it here. I'll move it if I'm at the wrong place/if I can move it.


So I've been trying to import some files from Skyrim to a 3D editing program, specifically Blender. I just have a few questions about some problems I've run into.

I've managed to edit all my NIF files so that they can be imported into Blender 2.49b and then imported into the latest version of Blender, 2.73. My problem arrives when I try to export Skyrim skeletons and animations. I want to export a skeleton and animation from 2.49b to 2.73 and can't figure out what file format to use. I've seen several topics on this on the internet but none of the formats seems to work for me, most of them only exports a rectangular mesh. Does anyone know any file formats, that both Blender versions support, that can export/import skeletons and animations?


Another question I have that I never seem to be able to get answers to, is there any way to export the head model of a custom character? I know of the facegen export, but that only exports it into a .npc file to be used in the CK. I found a folder in the Skyrim Data directory that's titled "facegen" and that has a bunch of, around 1k, face models from the game. Can I in some way find my own characters head model in there? The file names don't seem to correspond to character IDs.


TL;DR version:

Any file format that can export/import skeleton/animations?

Any way to export head meshes from Skyrim?

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Here's a way


lets say me have the animations and the mesh alredy in 2.49b


all me need to do is save the file in 2.49b, then  open 2.73, then open the 2.49b files, everything should still be in there.


finished doing anything me want, me save it as a legacy format in 2.73, open again in 2.49b  C:

then export it out again as a nif C:


if the head mesh is a nif, me think its also can be imported to blender though, but ofc you need to preserve the original files for the BSLightingShaderProperties

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