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Idea: Being blackmailed into degrading tasks every couple of days


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The main idea is that you are blackmailed once in a while for a duration of time.


Either due to a spiked drink or running into someone with a paralyze scroll, you find yourself wearing a collar (or necklace) you can't remove. At first you won't know what the collar is intended for, but after two to four days, you see a message (re)appearing, telling you that you are summoned to 'city'. When you ignore these messages for a while, these messages will come together with shocks (and later health draining shocks) forcing you to show up. After all, fighting and roaming in dungeon is a lot harder when you receive shocks frequently.

The person(s) who controls your collar have a set of different tasks for you ready for him/her/them to choose from. These tasks can take place in various cities and usually involves your captor to earn some money in the process. After completing a task, you won't be summoned again for a couple of days. Those tasks can be stuff like:

  • Dancing (and/or masturbating) naked in a bar as entertainment
  • Visit a client who wants a message to be delivered in style (in bondage gear).
  • Try getting a female client out of jail by confessing to a (sex)crime and thus being forced to be publically displayed in a pillory.
  • Visiting a client in a bar who wants to see how effective his new chastity belt is, forcing you try it for two days and make you try (and fail) to cum in public while wearing the chastity device.
  • Spike someones drink and place a collar (or necklace) around her neck to create another victim for your captor(s), this particular quest will appear only once and might be the third or fith quest.

Although the same task might appear in various cities (although not all cities will have the same set of tasks) after a while, these tasks might get repeative. But after three to seven of these tasks, your captor might say something like having more fun with you than with the Riften guard. This will be your first clue as to how to get out of your predicament. Of course, the quest to get free of your collar involve humiliating tasks as well.


For instance this previous victim (the female Riften guard), will say that she requires a better reputation among her colleagues after certain incidents. The plan is that during daylight, you are to 'try to' steal an item and be caught by this guard thus everyone will know she has made an arrest. The part of the tied hands, ball-gag, strip-search and body cavity-search in public before being led to jail is of course not mentioned during the discussion of the plan. After being led out of jail, the Riften quard will give her notes on what she has found out about the captor(s) and the shock collar.


Once you started the quest for release, you captor(s) will still provide you with new tasks once in a while. As the Riften guard might provide a small list of possible previous victims or a list of possible enchanters you have to visit, time will continue to pass and tasks will be given. Or someone might have to create an item that will take a couple of days, forcing you to do one or two tasks in the meantime.


Killing (one of) your captor(s) will result in being stuck to wear a collar you can't remove while it shocks you once a while, therefor the quest for release. Unsure what should happen to the person you made victim, should the 'making a next victim' task be involved. Of course you can free her, but perhaps you can keep her as your own slave.




I am curious as to what you like of this idea. Unfortunate I am not a modder myself. I only started playing Skyrim a few weeks ago. I do realize that this will be a big mod to create.

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A few ideas I'd love to see in this:

My own preference would be blackmail using a crime or documentation of some degrading act...the collar is (mostly) symbolic rather than magical, with orders arriving via courier.

Being able to meet the controller(s) directly.

Being sent to interact with other victims of the controller(s), sometimes forcing you to be dominant, for example, being assigned to tease someone locked in a chastity belt or punish someone.

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You need to think about what happens if the player dont want to submit...

And more important, how the player can stop it.


If the player does not want to submit, he/she will be walking around with a collar that gives shocks all the time. I think that should be a strong insentive to submit.


And as how to stop, that requires doing the quest for release I mentioned. Once finished, you are free from your captors. But it will only be after a couple of tasks before you get your first clue as to where to begin your quest for release. Before you get this clue, your journal will read something like having to pay attention when given tasks for clues that might help you to get free. Thus the player will know he/she will be able to get free, only that it might take a while.

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